11 Foods Fitness Experts Never Eat—Even During the Holidays

“As a fitness professional, I will usually bend on some unhealthy choices as long as the ingredients are actually real food—like egg yolks, cheese, pork or ham, candied yams, or vegetables with bread crumbs,” says Gino Caccavale, fitness expert and creator of the ReZist workout. “But I draw the line at two close relatives—fruitcakes and Panettone bread. These two cousins are commercially and artificially processed in a factory and contain an overabundance of sugar, cholesterol, and sodium. Along with the sticks of butter, giant scoops of sugar, and cups of corn syrup, the preservatives used to keep these shrink-wrapped heart attacks on the store shelves is off the charts!”

The takeaway: In times of indulgence, think about long-term effects of foods. Foods that are naturally fatty are easier to shake in the days after consuming them than artificially and chemically enhanced ones, he says.

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