14 Best Stud Finders in 2017

A stud finder is a versatile handy tool used by both professional tradespeople and home DIY enthusiasts. Fixing a TV mount or an extra shelf to a drywall in your house is not really a tedious task. However, most of the dry walls contain framings inside the walls. These framings are attached to the wall with framing studs and if you fix your TV mount or your shelf on to one of those studs, it will fall off just when you put any weight on it. It is, therefore, necessary to identify the positions of the framing studs in order to fix anything on to your dry walls. The best option for identifying studs is the Stud Finder. There are two types of stud finders available in the market. Magnetic stud finders and electrical stud finders. Among those two types, electrical stud finders are the most popular tool type due to its versatility and efficiency. When buying a stud finder, you have to consider its size, price, durability, and portability. Following list is made considering all the parameters and here is the list of Best Stud Finders in 2017.

1. CH Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder


This metal stud finder involves the magnetic parameters as the name itself suggests. It is equipped with a powerful magnet that can sense the metal pieces and studs buried deep within the dry walls. Also, the magnet is powerful enough to allow you to use your hands freely and focus on another task once the stud finder is identified. The design of this magnetic stud finder is made sure to be compact and light weight to increase the portability and it fits into your pocket conveniently. This is one of the best Magnetic Stud finders and it does not require any batteries or any other form of electricity. It also offers you the ability to mark the exact position of framing studs once you find it, using the advanced 2-way level feature. This ensures that you identify the accurate positions all the time. The stud finder has a soft and rubber grip that offers a gentle touch and an easy grabbing.

2. Franklin Sensors ProSensor Precision Stud Finder


Unlike the magnetic stud finders, electrical tools offer a different range of features; the ProSenser 710 electrical Stud Finder is one of the best stud finders and it comes in bright yellow color. It uses the multi-sense technology that allows you to identify and mark multiple positions of metal studs in dry walls. This handy tool uses high-quality durable LEDs to notify the exact location of the studs which make it convenient to visualize the correct positions of the metals parts in the wall. Also, this stud finder has the ability to determine the width of the studs and other hidden pieces in the wall so that you can understand the size of the metal nails that block your path. The use of cutting edge technology and the precision of this versatile tool is what makes it one of the best Stud finders in the market today. This device is also equipped with the deep scanning technology, which allows the operator to scan the walls to a depth up to 1.5 inches.

3. Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder


Another stud finder that works under the theories of magnetism; Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder is one of the best tools in the market available in 2017. This handy tool is made in the USA and the company guarantees the durability of the tool as well. The device works on a unique technology that involves a red popper. This popper indicates when the stud finder finds a metal piece such as a framing nail or a stud. Since the tool works on the magnetic principles, it does not require batteries or any other form of electricity which makes it ideal for jobs that involve a lot of time. You can choose this Magnetic stud finder from a wide range of colors as well. This versatile tool works on sheetrock, lath, plaster and tiles. The most important feature of this stud finder is that it does not require any calibration.

4. Rowley Professional Stud Finder


This Stud finder is a high-end magnetic tool that can be used to identify studs that are deeper in the dry walls and this tool is ideal if you are trying to determine the positions of nails on a steel frame. It uses a high power permanent magnet and the device also includes a beaded chain. This beaded chain is 16 inches long and this is because usually when a steel framing is fixed inside a drywall, the nails are fixed with a distance of 16 inches apart. So when you are using this magnetic stud finder, once you have found a nail or a stud you can use the beaded chain to identify the correct location of the next one without having any false readings. Rowley Professional Stud Finder indicates the location of buried metal studs as well as wooden studs and when the metal piece is located, the magnet sticks to the drywall.

5. Precision Sensors LED Stud Finder


Profinder 5000 Electrical Stud finder by Precision Sensors is one of the best stud finders in the market because its sensor pad is bigger than the sensor pads of conventional stud finders. Also, the detection of studs is more accurate than the other tools in the market. It can instantly detect metal studs, wooden studs and other objects that are hidden in walls. Once you have turned the tool ON with a single click of a button, all you have to it is simply place it on the wall. Once the detector identifies the location of a stud its LEDs will light up to indicate the operator. It is equipped with the deep scanning technology as well to detect and sense deeply hidden objects with or without having to slide the device across the wall. Also, this Electrical stud finder has the ability to detect multiple locations of metal or wooden studs simultaneously as well.

6. Zircon e50-FFP Electronic Stud Sensor


Zircon e50-FFP is an electric powered metal stud finder and this has a patented internal technology. This handy tool is ideal for both domestic use such as DIY projects and Professional use. It has the ability to locate the metal or wood stud edges up to a depth of 19mm on tool’s stud scan mode. It also has a deep scan mode that allows you to scan and locate studs up to a depth of 1-1.5 inches. This electronic stud detector is capable of detecting live electrical current wires that run through the walls. It has a wire warning feature that informs you of the wires that are deep up to 2 inches. The versatility of the tool is increased with its high-quality LCD display that clearly indicates the accurate locations of the studs. Stud sensor has a patented enhanced pointing system that points an arrow on the display for easy recognition. This tool is powered by a 9V battery.

7. StudBoss Digital LCD Stud Finder


9 out of 10 steel wall framings, studs are placed with a 16-inch distance from each other. Most of the stud finders don’t use this factor but StudBoss has perfectly manipulated this to offer you a more accurate stud finding mechanism. The device is equipped with three different modes of detection. One mode of operation detects the wall studs that are fixed inside the drywalls and the other one is to identify and locate the metal pipes. It offers another mode to locate and skip the live current wires. The device also has an LCD display to make the detecting process more user-friendly. This electrical Stud Finder can scan walls up to a depth of 19 mm. it is powered by a 9V battery and the design is very compact to make sure that you can carry it virtually anywhere you want. With every purchase, you also receive detailed video tutorial as well.

8. Diamond Resource Magnetic Stud Finder


This magnetic stud finder is one of the most versatile stud finders in the market in 2017 and it is ideal for professional use. Also, it has been recommended by so many DIY enthusiasts as well. The design of the device has made sure it is portable and it is engineered to outperform existing magnetic stud finders. It is powered by two high power and high sensitive dual magnets and they offer a precise and superior detection. Unlike many stud detectors in the market, this magnetic stud finder works on sheetrock on the walls and also in the ceilings as well. It also can be used on other surfaces too. The technology used in this handy tool makes sure to offer accurate results and positions all the time and since the device relies on the high powered permanent dual magnets, it does not require any form of electricity.

9. Bovini Electronic Multifunction Stud Finder


This multifunction device offers you 3 different modes to identify and locate different things in the drywalls, ceilings and other mediums. It has the ability to detect wood studs up to a depth of 19 mm and it can detect and locate metal studs up to a depth of 30 mm. this tool is equipped with a high-quality durable LCD display to indicate the accurate locations of studs and also it displays the type of stud that it detects and the battery level of the device. It has three modes of operation, one mode allows you to detect the location of wood and metal studs in wall framings, the second mode is to identify the metal piping lines that are buried in the dry walls and finally, the third mode is to identify live current wires. The wire warning detection mode can scan a depth up to 2 inches. This stud finder also emits a sound when it detects a metal pipe or stud.

10. All-Sun Electronic Wood Stud Finder


All-Sun Electronic Wood Stud sensor is powered by a 9V 6F22 battery and the design is carried out to enhance the power management and efficiency of the tool. This is recommended by a lot of DIY enthusiasts because this has the multifunctional feature unlike many other electronic metal stud finders in the market. This can detect studs that are stuck in drywalls accurately and also it can locate the metal piping systems as well. This is also equipped with the ability to detect locations of live AC wires. The device can sense wood studs from a depth up to 30 mm and it can detect metal pipes that are at a depth of 30 mm from the surface. Once the tool identifies the position of a stud, the spotlight turns ON and it marks the position of the groove. This Stud Finder is equipped with an LCD display and it has noise indication feature as well.

11. Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner


A modern digital stud finder that uses latest three sensor technology to detect studs and other foreign matter; Bosch GMS120 Digital Multi-Scanner is an ideal stud finder for professionals. It offers a multi-detection feature together with three different modes. Three different modes include the ability to detect wood studs, metal objects such as studs, rebar, steel and copper pipes and the ability to locate live electrical current wires. The three sensor technology enhances the stud finder’s detection range and with the modifications, it can sense metal pieces and studs up to a depth of 121 mm. This Electrical Stud Finder is equipped with automatic calibration which makes the operation more accurate and reliable while making the use of the tool more convenient. The graphical LCD display notifies the detection strength, mode, and battery level and it includes an audible signal to indicate the presence of a metal stud or a pipe as well.

12. Black and Decker BDL190S Stud Sensor


Black and Decker BullsEye Stud Sensor is not just a stud sensor but also a multipurpose tool that includes two different yet important features. It has the stud sensing capability as well as an auto leveling line laser. This device is commonly used among the professionals for measurements, testing, and leveling. The multi-purpose stud finder is produced in china and it offers a great deal of value for money. The stud finder can identify and locate wood studs, metal studs, metal pipes and also, live current carrying wires within the dry walls, ceiling or in any other cured concrete surface. The auto leveling technology is patented to ensure the highest quality. The tool is equipped with a high end, easy to read LCD display to indicate the mode, stud type, battery level and other important parameters. With every purchase, Black and Decker offers a limited warranty of 2 years.

13. Dr. Meter Backlight Electronic Stud Sensor


This is one of the best electronic stud finders in 2017 and it is designed to be comparatively small so that you can carry it with you. The ergonomic design involves an anti-slip body which is very convenient to hold. The handheld tool has a rubber padded grip for the convenience of use and it is perfect for domestic use. Once the stud sensor has identified the location of studs, it emits an audible signal to indicate the correct position of the stud. Also, the device is equipped with an LCD backlight for increased visibility. The LCD display provides the detection strength, type of stud and so much more. The stud sensor can scan a depth up to 38 mm when scanning for metal studs and has the ability to scan deeper, up to a depth of 76 mm when scanning for metal pipe or rebar. Also, it can detect live AC wires from a 76 mm distance.

14. Stanley FMHT77407 FatMax Stud Sensor


This electronic Stud Finder is equipped with one pass center to find technology and this helps the tool to identify and locate the exact location of stud centers. The versatility of the tool is increased due to its ability to calibrate itself automatically. It can detect AC wires up to 2 inches deep and it detects metal and wood studs up to 1.5 inches. The stud finder offers a deep scan mode that can sense metal pieces up to a depth of 3 inches. This device is equipped with a backlit LCD display and it indicates the battery level, stud type, stud depth etc. and the LCD is powerful enough to be read even in very low light conditions. The handheld design offers a comfortable and non-slip grip and the body is padded with rubber for ease and convenience.

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