15 Best Reverb Pedals in 2017

Composing and manipulating music has been one of the most interesting and important processes in history. Among various effects, Reverb or by definition, Reverberation is the earliest technique of them all. This effect makes the music more alive and you will feel like you are listening to crystal clear and crisp music from a huge hall or a theater. The device that makes this possible is the Reverb Pedal. Whether you are an individual who enjoys playing guitar or a professional who maintains a studio with high-tech, reverb pedals are an ideal and a must-have device. There are several kinds of reverb pedals and among them are Spring Reverb, which is basically a tank with few springs in it and Plate Reverb, which is basically a metal sheet are famous and widely used. If you are planning on buying one of these handy devices for any purpose, comprehensive research is necessary because there is a lot of brands, products, and variations in the market. Following is a perfect guide for you to know about the Best Reverb Pedals in 2017.

1. TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal


TC electronics Hall of fame pedal is a true masterpiece with all the latest features combined with a compact design. The best feature of this device is that it comes with “Tone Print” technology that gives the user the freedom and access to pre-made custom pedal tweaks. It’s packed with True Bypass and makes absolutely zero percent loss in your tone. Another advanced and elegant feature is the stereo “In” and “Out” that gives you the extra confidence and flexibility to adapt to any mixing setup. The Analog-Dry-Through makes maximum pure tonal integrity outputs with crispy clear sounds. Elegant pure red finishing on the metal body certainly gives an elegant look. This device is Japan-made and it confirms extra durability and quality. Hall of Fame Reverb Pedal weighs 12.8 ounces and has dimensions 5 x 3 x 4 inches. Hall of Fame reverb pedal requires a 9V battery to power up.

2. Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive


Fultone OCD pedal truly is remarkable with an absolutely stunning performance. This pedal offers a dynamic experience and its output has a very rich and balanced overtone. The pedal is very responsive, quick and easy to use with any musical set up. This pedal has a creamy white full metal body with perfectly designed black colored controller knobs to adjust the Tone, Volume and Drive variables as you prefer. This unit is made to last as you can feel by the first touch of it. The device weighs only 1.2 pounds, and it has a length of 10 inches, a width of 7 inches and the device is 4 inches high. Fulltone OCD Reverb pedal is made in the USA and guarantees you a compelling and unparalleled experience in all your composing and sound manipulation processes.

3. Digitech Supernatural Ambient Stereo Reverb


This pedal has the all new, Tails On/Off electronic switch. This is one of the important features and because of this switch, when the unit is powered on, reverb effects are no longer cut off by the bypass True Stereo. Input-Output original Bypass module holds the “Tone” in bypass. This unit is always preferred to be operated on constant High-Voltage to reduce the compromises on the processed signal quality. Another astonishing new tech it has is the “Stomplock” knob arrester. This knob guard can lock on to the required tone in a single position, helping you to prevent any unwanted or accidental adjustments to the tone settings while performing onstage. The pedal switches come with shiny glow stickers that help you to locate the unit even with the on-stage lighting effects. Also, it comes with a back plate hook to attach this unit to a custom pedal board.

4. Zoom MS-70CDR MultiStomp Reverb Pedal


Zoom MS-70CDR reverb pedal clearly by far the most easy-to-use product that is recommended by a lot of users. Its cutting edge LCD display at the top center is truly eye catching and accurately indicates you the correct pedal settings under any lighting condition with clear digital texture. The pedal features a footswitch, as well as analog selecting knobs on the main control board. This device features 86 strong and different effect types. Even though this unit mainly acts as a Reverb pedal with 29 reverbs, it also has 16 choruses together with 26 types of “Delays” to go with 15 various types of tone effects such as modulators and phases that you can use to mix up with any style of music. This pedal can be connected to electricity with a standard AC power adapter and it also can be powered up via a USB port as well. Zoom MS-70CDR is reliable and it is a great choice for your money.

5. Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max Reverb


Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Max reverb guitar pedal is a multifunctional device. It has all the required and crucial effects such as spring, plate, and hall to cover a full musical show. Two of the best features of this device are the superb quality inherited spring reverb and the Hall reverb effects. Its compact size makes the device portable. Multi-functional Blend, Time and Reverb can be conveniently controlled by specially designed dedicated knobs and they provide easy manipulation and interaction with the unit. It is powered by a 9.6V DC and 200V power adapter is included. True bypass is a unique feature that is designed especially for this model for maximum and optimally processed signal path to flow. This pocket size unit is built upon a rugged, vibration resistant, die-casted metal chassis. It only weighs 1.3 pounds and its length is only 7.2 inches. The width and the height of the device are 3.2 and 3.2 inches respectively and it will fit into any confined space comfortably.

6. Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb Pedal


Catalinbread Topanga reverb pedal is one of the best reverb pedals in 2017 due to heaps of valuable reasons. This pedal is very elegant and stylish and it is extremely responsive to player inputs. The center mounted 4 knobs: Dwell, Tone, Volume, and Mix, control whole input variables that are fed into the device by the player. The amount of signal which needs to be fed into the system is easily controlled by the “Dwell” knob. The “Tone” knob typically allows you to control the reverb appearance to occur at desired distant. This model provides extremely accurate ambient reverb effect sounds and it is made in the USA with great service assurance very good after service and customer care by famous Catalinbread. The design of the device is carried out to be compact to ensure the mobility and the sleek appearance.

7. Boss Audio RV-6 Digital Reverb



Boss RV-6 Digital Reverb pedal is very compact in size and designed to be versatile. All the sound modulations you need can be manipulated as you prefer. This handy reverb pedal is capable of delivering top notch reverb ambient sound effects with very minimal noise. The knob controls are easy to use with simple hand gestures. The newer advancements by BOSS Company bring out high-tech “studio” class algorithms through cutting-edge technology to each and every user. RV-6 compose itself with eight reverb sound effects which are ready to play. This unit can also be used in Shimmer mode as well as in Dynamic mode or in “Delay mode” as you desire. For the pro guitarists, RV-6 has a combo of Delay mode combined with Reverb effect to bring out the true uniqueness of the unit. This is one of the best reverb pedals for professional players who are looking to expand their music limits.

8. EarthQuaker Dispatch Master V2 Reverb Pedal


EarthQuaker Dispatch Master V2, as the name suggests, is another high power, multifunctional device where you can find a lot of valuable functions in one reverb pedal. This product is actually handmade by several master craftsmen, in the Akron, Ohio manufacturing factory. It has the “True bypass” which is a feature limited to a certain number of products. “Repeats” knob controller at the top right corner controls the delayed signal regeneration time period and this function enhances the reverb ambient effect. When you adjust the “Repeats” in Reverb mode only, it dynamically controls the reverb time delay, its punch depth, thickness of the reverb punch and the entire characteristic of the reverb. This handy device is made to be lightweight, with a weight of 12 ounces and you can carry it virtually anywhere you want.

9. MXR M300 Reverb Guitar Pedal


For the people who want only a pure reverb pedal sound enhancements, this is an ideal device. The stylish full metal body housing integrated with solidly built electronics makes this versatile and reliable. It is capable of delivering six unique high-quality reverb styles. Each of these sound modes is designed and brought up by a skilled MXR sound modulation team. Every reverb effect feels so rich and detailed just like any other High-end class rack unit which is more expensive than typical reverb pedals. M300 offers a dry signal carry path that is 100% hi-fi analog with a huge headroom over 20V because of its unique constant headroom technology. The Reverb sound function provides a great flexibility and supports pure wet mode. The M300 also supports Stereo based Input and Output functionality, and as a bonus features the MXR group provides “True relay” and “Trails bypass” as well.

10. TC Helicon Mic Mechanic


The TC Helicon Mic Mechanic is one of the top quality, well designed, and featured reverb pedals in the market. This unit adds extra effect modes such as Delays and Pitch correction for optimum and effective sound outputs. It has the cutting edge “Adaptive” tone controlling capability that no other product ever had up to this point and this feature is to simplify annoying tone defects. This unit has a simple control scheme with just 3 standard controlling knobs to adjust. It’s small, compact but pure rugged all-metal body construction proves the durability of the pedal kit. The fully metallic red color gives an attractive finishing to the reverb pedal. It only weighs 1.5 pounds for enhanced portability and convenience. Helicon MC Mechanic has a unique design that is very compact, thus enhance the versatility.

11. Caline USA CP-26 Snake Bite Reverb


USA made Caline CP-26 Reverb pedal is a high-end reverb pedal and it is equipped with standalone delay function that does not affect the coloring of the original sound output. This device offers clean and crisp, ear-pleasing reverb effects, even without any adjustments to the original sound. The unit is easy to control and center stack has six knobs. Out of the six RES, CFR, LPF, PRD has specific tasks to carry out while MIX and Decay knobs enhance the minor sounds. It has the capability to control exact ratios of how many dry or wet signals to be mixed. This unit has the best low pass filter function that enables the end user to adjust the required amount of radio frequency of the out coming reverb effect.

12. Danelectro DSR-1 Spring King Reverb


DSR-1 Spring king is not the smallest reverb pedal you would see, but it has all the modern features to make it one of the best pedals in the market. It has a square angled stepped design and it is very useful when on stage. The housing of the device made out of durable metals to enhance the toughness and fatigue life. This pedal delivers a very refined “spring” reverb harmonizing sound effect at the exactly controlled thickness to suit your needs. It can deliver not only the spring reverb but also the exact optimum sound tone with a nice warm ring to it. It also features “kick pad”, a very useful tweak on the stage. This kick pad performs similarly to a kicked amplifier. In this unit, you should often check the battery capacity and its cables and connectors even though the product is in full charge mode as a safety precaution. It’s powered by one 9V, 300mA, 005P battery and the battery is conveniently rechargeable by connecting it with an AC power line.

13. Xvive Reverb Effects Pedal


Xvive is one of the best reverb pedals in 2017. It offers you some of the most astonishing reverb sound modes. These inbuilt sound modes are “Plate”, “spring” and Universal music “Hall” reverb effects. All the simulations that are featured in this device are not analog but fully digital. And this has a very simple and a minimalistic design and handling the device is surprisingly convenient. The constant volume knob curve is very responsive and quick. Blend function it offers is easy to handle from either maximum “Dry” to a fully “Wet” position. It’s provided with a good quality Toggling grip switch for reverb mode function as well. This Xvive model is also equipped with true bypass technology to offer the user a unique and unparalleled sound manipulating experience. It also has dedicated LED indicator light to indicate its relevant effects’ ON or OFF modes.

14. Joyo JF-317 Space Verb Digital Reverb Pedal


The famous Joyo JF-317 Digital reverb is very stylish and looks expensive on its first appearance. Jet black colored full metal body housing adds an extra rich and elegant look. At the center console board, it has 4 dedicated knobs to control each and every major parameter. The delay of the tone is often simple to handle. The mixing aspect ratios of the original sound from wet and dry modes can also easily be modified, as well as the mode selectivity. This unit has a moderately high margin of Output/Input impedance ratio exceeding 100. Joyo JF-317 Space Verb Digital Reverb pedal requires a 22mA line current and it can be powered by a 9V DC power supply.

15. Red Panda Context Reverb Pedal


This reverb pedal unit is relatively small and offers a good amount of user-friendly characteristics. It is made in the US and the company guarantees its enhanced durability. The unit combines easy to use metal knobs at the control section of the device and the knobs individually controls blend, delay, decay and damping ratios. Another relatively bigger knob is provided for reverb function. It’s designed with a very short signal path to cut down losses, thus increasing the output quality. The input and output are fully Mono. The enclosure is 4.7″ by 3.7″, having an exceptional end quality. The body of the device is designed with durable metals and the housing is laser etched and powder coated to ensure reliability.

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