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Southern Roots and Tradition Run Deep

Moonshine: The drink you hate to love or love to hate. It’s the white lightning of the liquor store and your soul, a revitalizing twist to your usual go-to. But where did this stuff originate in American history, and how did it become the classic staple of southern tradition that it is today? It all

Lowcountry Giving Day music fest comes to the Joe

For Lowcountry Giving Day, the Collective Force Foundation (CFC) has teamed up with IllVibeTheTribe to present a musical extravaganza at the Joe Riley Stadium on Tues. Sept. 19. Representatives from both CFC and the Tribe were featured this morning on Lowcountry Live to discuss the event. Attendees will have the opportunity to donate to one

13 Things That Are Cheaper to Make Than Buy

Convenience, in modern society, is king. We have the entire world’s knowledge base at our fingertips, and we’re never a few thumb taps away from an answer to any of our questions. People deliver groceries to our house, and we can even use subscription services that send us razors when they predict we’ll need them.

4 Places You Shouldn’t Use Vinegar at Home

If you’re into green cleaning like me, you probably think of vinegar as a magical elixir that will easily and cheaply clean anything in your home. Not quite. Don’t despair, vinegar is still a home care star, but there are a few places where you shouldn’t be using the tangy stuff. Hardwood floors Sealed hardwood

Recipe: The Ultimate Baked Caprese Mac and Cheese

The sweetest, most flavor-packed tomatoes of summer are hitting the market in full force, and that means one thing: It’s caprese time! This summer I’m taking my tomato, basil, and mozzarella love affair beyond the salad bowl into comfort-food territory, and I recommend you join me. With gooey melted cheese, bright summer tomatoes, and sweet