2018 NBA All-Star Weekend Preview: Must-watch Under-the-radar Players

Where to see him: JBL Three-Point Contest (Saturday 8 p.m. ET) & All-Star Game (Sunday 8 p.m. ET)

Lowry may not be the casual fan’s favorite player, but that’s OK because he’s always been an underdog. Despite his size, the 6’ point guard competes at an extremely high level and has tuned himself into a four-time All-Star.

Although Lowry isn’t a pure shooter, he had a three-point percentage of 41% last year and 38% so far this season.

In addition to his sheer talent, Lowry really ascended to another level when he completely revamped his body during the summer of 2015; he returned to training camp with 4.3% body fat after he dropped 10lbs, according to ESPN.

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