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The Best Website Builder for Small Businesses: Reviews by Wirecutter

Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald Our pick If you’re going to build your website yourself, Wix presents the fewest obstacles to putting an informative, attractive, and useful website online. In our testing, Wix’s site generator and template-editing tools were faster at getting a working site up than those of the competition. Wix’s editing interface also made adding,

The Best Brownie Bites Recipe for Snacks and Dessert

I’ve never met a brownie I didn’t like. They’re like rainy days, new shoes and old-timey television in that way: No matter how many times you have one, it’s still just as enjoyable. So when I saw this random recipe, torn out of a magazine, tucked under some other papers on the table, I wasn’t

The Best Portable Mini Projector: Reviews by Wirecutter

The Anker Nebula Mars was by far the best projector we tested, but we can’t recommend it because it is no longer being made. The Nebula Mars has the brightest picture and easiest interface, as well as an array of extra features that make on-the-go video streaming easier, such as Android apps, Wi-Fi capability, three-and-a-half

How Katie Holmes Got Into the Best Shape of Her Life

  Actress Katie Holmes is definitely not Joey Potter anymore. Not only is she wearing a stylish new pixie cut, but she’s also sporting some serious biceps. The “Dawson’s Creek” alum underwent some intense training for an upcoming role in which she plays an ex-Marine. According to her recent interview with Women’s Health, Holmes is

How to Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Eyebrows

iStock/dangrystku Eyebrows are finally getting the much-needed attention they deserve. And although eyebrow trends change from year to year, one thing remains the same: You’ve got to have healthy brows to shape your brows. So, we reached out to two medical experts who specialize in dermatology for eyebrow maintenance ideas. Both doctors submitted top-notch advice on

10 Magical Mind-Boosting Superfood Supplements, Potions, and Elixirs

iStock/marekuliasz For all we do to detox, rejuvenate, and challenge our bodies, it’s a shame that we often completely skimp on actively promoting our emotional well-being; that is, getting a good night’s sleep, achieving a relaxed state of mind, and maintaining a functional, focused brain. And if you live a high-stress lifestyle  (who doesn’t?), then

Global Warming Scientists Discover Satisfying Glacier Sounds

Have you ever wondered what a glacier sounds like? Does it have a sound? Science says so. A group of awesome global warming scientists from the University of Rochester studied an 800,000-year-old Antarctic piece of ice and what they found is astounding. Snow, comprised of layers, compact under their weight forming what are called strata.