4 Best Commercial Double Induction Cooktop Comparison and Reviews

A commercial induction cooktop offers a lot of cooking benefits despite gas or electric ranges.

Induction cooking is far more energy efficient than gas or traditional electric cooking, is much safer than other alternatives, is faster because energy is directly transferred within the compatible pan and produces almost no ambient heat.

But, which are the differences between commercial and home induction cooktops? Well, an important difference highlights the fact that the commercial ranges have a high output in order to produce food for large amounts of people at a continuous rate.

Commercial Double Induction Cooktop

They are designed for restaurants, cooking stations, catering etc., while standard ranges have a lower output and are more often used for applications such as broiling and simmering.

As you may intuit, for a commercial range, you will need a high powered hood or ventilation system in order to maintain a safe cooking environment.

And of course, you get a higher amount of grease-laden particles when using a commercial range versus a home range. With a home induction cooktop, you should choose a ventilation system or hood with low power.

As commercial cooktops are specifically designed for use in the commercial foodservice industry with high output, you have to take into consideration the bills and look for more energy and eco-conscious designs.

Residential ranges are manufactured in an eco-conscious way and so, you save some money when it comes to bills.

When installing a commercial cooktop, you should consider the furniture in the area, the necessary electric lines etc.

This is not the case for residential ranges: you can position them in most kitchen areas, just make sure that the ventilation and flooring are adequate.

However, in case you need a commercial cooktop for your space, here you have a list of four appliances that will fit in small or large cooking areas.

1. Avantco

1.1 Avantco IC18DB Commercial Double Induction Countertop

If you are looking for a commercial double induction cooktop, you should consider
Avantco IC18DB Commercial Double Induction Countertop.

Such a unit is perfect if you want to use it in display cooking, catering services, omelet stations, or any light-duty application where you need an extra burner.

Avantco Commercial Induction Cooktop

A commercial induction cooktop is a safe alternative to the conventional gas ranges as there is no open flame or flammable fuel source.

Another advantage refers to the fact that the provided heat dissipates quickly after the cookware is removed. In case you wonder, you should know that such an appliance can compete with any other countertop range.

The performance and the heating up to temperature with lightning speed are the key features of Avantco IC18DB Commercial Double Induction Countertop.

With the unit, you get less ambient heat in your space and fast heat-up times without any open flame that can be a potential safety hazard.

Avantco IC18DB Comercial Induction Countertop

The induction countertop is designed with a durable plastic housing with two burners that accommodate induction-ready pans that have a bottom diameter between 4 3/4″ and 10 1/4″.

If the pot is removed from the cooking surface, the cooktop activates its standby mode. And an audible alert will be heard when a non-induction pan is used.

With a total of 1800W of cooking power, Avantco IC18DB model boasts 1000W for the left hob and 800W for the right hob operating.

The temperature and power of each burner can be adjusted independently: you can choose either a wattage-based “power level” mode, or adjust the temperature directly from 140 – 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Waring

2.1 Waring Commercial WIH800 Double Induction Cooktop

Or consider Waring Commercial WIH800 Double Induction for quickly and safely cook your signature dishes every time you want.

This time you have to deal with a commercial induction cooktop able to feature 3600W of heating power; it allows you to cook everything from stir fry to scallops in any induction-compatible pan.

Waring Commercial Induction Countertop

Some of its benefices refer to the fact that it heats up quickly, is lightweight which makes cleaning very easy and it also does not take a lot of space.

Spills wipe up easily from the Schott glass ceramic glass surface.

The dimensions of the appliance are width 13″, depth 28 1/2″, and height 5 1/4″. With a step up design, you have access to both burners while ensuring safe use by keeping any pans on the back burner within easy reach.

With such a design, the unit is ideal for small kitchens and tight spaces where counter space is limited. So, you can do your job without any problem. The exterior is made of stainless steel and so, you can be sure that it lasts for a long time. This range features large 11″ x 11″ glass cooking surfaces.

Waring Commercial Induction

The appliance includes easy-touch controls in order to let you adjust the temperature among 12 settings from 120 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, while the LCD display allows for easy viewing of temperature settings. It also has a timer, so you can keep track of cooking cycles up to 10 hours long.

Another important aspect indicates the fact that burners include small-article and empty pan detection for efficient energy use. The unit is rated at 208/240V and comes with a NEMA 6-15P plug.

Melt chocolate, cook pate choux, and make pastry cream: now, all these things are possible with Waring Commercial WIH800 Double Induction Cooktop.

3. Vollrath

3.1 Vollrath (69523) Commercial Induction Cooktop

The third commercial induction cooktop of our list is Vollrath (69523) Commercial Induction Cooktop, unit of Vollrath 69523 Professional Series designed for medium volume usage.

Being designed with side by side hob and dual independent controls, such a product is exactly what you need for even cruise ships, quick-serve take-out restaurants, and even casual dining restaurants.

Regarding the electrical requirements, you should know that this Vollrath dual countertop induction range cooker has a 208/240V, 24.1 amp, 2500 watt electrical rating.

Vollrath Commercial Induction Cooktop

Also, the overall dimensions are width: 26 3/4″, depth 17 15/16″, and height 5 3/8″. So, if you try this unit, you will see that proper equipment can greatly impact the efficiency of your kitchen as well as the taste of the final product.

Believe it or not, the unit has 100 settings and so, you are ready to cook nearly anything on this range. It includes a continuous duty induction circuitry for non-stop cooking and firewall protected circuitry with oversized fans and stainless steel casing that work to ensure a solid performance each time.

With two burners, this commercial induction cooktop can be used with small, induction ready saute, sauce, or stock pots up to 10 1/4″ in diameter. As additional features, it includes a digital display, push-button controls, and a 180-minute timer.

It is a safe cooktop with its empty pan cut off and 3-hour auto shutoff functions that help conserve energy and extend the life of the induction range.

Also, using an induction cooktop, you reduce the risk of injury that is present with the open flames and hot elements of traditional utilities.

Another plus is ensured by the fact that this induction range uses magnetic fields to heat only the food in your cooking vessel and not the surrounding air: this means that it will not raise the ambient temperature in your space.

4. Wyott

4.1 APW Wyott IHP-2 Commercial Double Induction Countertop

And last but not least, APW Wyott IHP-2 Commercial Double Induction Countertop learns you how to cook quickly, safely, and efficiently most popular dishes in your restaurant. It is a commercial induction range with 2 burners, individual rotary power controls, and pre-set push buttons.

APW Wyott’s Champion Cookline products are characterized by power, control, and safety. APW Wyott IHP-2 Commercial Double Induction Countertop is rated at 208/240v/50/60/3-ph, 22.0/25.0 amps, NEMA 15-30P, UL, and has the necessary power to cook meats, saute vegetables, and more: 7000 watts.

Wyott Comercial Induction Countertop

The cooktop can be easily operated as it includes simple dial controls with nine power settings and four pre-set push buttons. It allows you to set the ideal temperature for almost any food, and as a plus, you get the visual heat level displayed in order to let you check the current temperature at a glance.

Also, APW Wyott IHP-2 model is a versatile one as it uses separate temperature controls so you can cook multiple dishes at once.

Wyott Control Panel Induction Cooktop

Preparing food is so easy on the smooth ceramic glass top with a level cooking area. The countertop has 4″ adjustable heavy duty legs, and so, do not worry: this cooker will remain stable when in use.

With this range, you can use induction-ready pans that are 4″ to 10″ in diameter.

The cooktop is designed steel body that ensures this unit is built to last, while the heavy duty ceramic glass top can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit for outstanding durability. You are going to get great results with this line of cooking equipment.

5. Comparison Table

Brand Avantco IC18DB Waring WIH800 Vollrath (69523) APW Wyott IHP-2
Use Commercial
independent control panels
independent controls
rotary power controls, pre-set push buttons
Functions standby
N/A 100
Wattage it boasts
a total of 1800W of cooking power, with the left hob operating at 1000W and
the right hob operating at 800W.
– 5,800 Watts
120V 208/240V a
208/240V, 24.1 amp, 2500 watt electrical rating
208/240v/50/60/3-ph, 22.0/25.0 amps, NEMA 15-30P, UL
Dimensions Width:26
1/4 Inches
1/2 Inches
1/2 Inches
Depth: 28 1/2″
Height: 5 1/4″
26 3/4″
Depth: 17 15/16″
Height: 5 3/8″
Depth: 32 1/4″
Height: 12 7/8″
Weight N/A 23.7
Burners 2
burner cooktop
of pan, no open flame, lock function, audible alert when a non-induction pan
is used
and empty pan detection
empty pan cut off and 3 hour auto shutoff
Timer a
180-minute timer for each hob
up to 10 hours
minute timer
Design A
durable plastic housing easy to clean
up design
by side hob design
steel front
140 – 460 degrees Fahrenheit
– 500 Degrees F
high temperature cooking along with sensitive low-end control
duty ceramic glass top can withstand temperatures up to 1000 degrees
diameter surface
3/4″ and 10 1/4″
3/4 – 10 Inches
1/4 Inches
4 – 10 Inches
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

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