6 Extra Large Rice Cookers with Reviews (Comercial and Home Use)

Extra large rice cookers? Yes, this can represent a great investment since on a daily basis you do cook often rice.

Extra large rice cookers are perfect for restaurant use and also for big events when a large quantity of rice needs to be cooked, but you can purchase such a product if you have a big family and numerous friends.

Take your time to consult a variety of extra large rice cookers in order to find which one fits all your needs.

You can start with our list of the most known extra large rice cookers with reviews and so, you can have an overview of what it means cooking with a commercial rice cooker.

Here you have 6 extra large rice cookers with reviews that can become an ideal friend in the kitchen. Although you have or have not to cook a lot, you may consider such an appliance for large parties and dinners and of course, for commercial use.

1. Aroma Housewares ARC-1033E Rice Cooker 60-Cup – Cooked (30 Cup Uncooked)

Meet this Aroma Housewares Commercial Rice Cooker (ARC-1033E)! With its durable body and heavy-duty stainless steel lid for continuous use and easy-to-clean and removable inner pot, this product perfectly prepares up to 60 cups of any variety of cooked rice.


This item includes 2 rice measuring cups and a rice paddle and is designed only for commercial use.

Being able to make 60 fresh cups of cooked rice and having an automatic keep warm for serving, this is ideal for a busy, professional kitchen. Certainly, you can count on batch after batch of flawless rice coming out of your kitchen.

With this rice cooker, you simply add rice and water, press a button and walk away; it leaves you free to work on other things in the kitchen. Awesome for large parties, luaus, catering, etc., the rice cooker is easy to use and easy to set up: you can cook as little as 10 cups or 20, 30, 40, 50, 60. When you cook large amounts something may differ, so just read the instruction manual.


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Also, do not forget that when you are cooking over 20 cups it is important to stir the rice a few times so it cooks evenly, otherwise you are going to end up with raw rice on the edges and cooked rice in the middle.

This product will exceed your expectation as the food cooks well and you can keep it warm and it is a good investment for you and your family as it saves you a lot of time.


Its cord is a thick heavy duty three prong cord and the rubber nubs at the base are sure to last a long time and not break off with normal wear and tear.

It cooks 20 cups uncooked to 60 cups cooked perfectly. And of course, the instructions are easy to read and understand so that you get the same perfect results again and again!

2. Royal Cook RC-77251 Persian Rice Cooker with Glass Lid, 25-Cup Uncooked

Your Royal Cook RC-77251 Persian Rice Cooker with Glass Lid, 25-Cup, White comes with see-through glass lid and measuring cup and non-stick coated pan.

It features Crispy/Browning Rice Function and Keep Warm function and thermal fuse to protect the unit from burnout.

Such a unit is perfect for those who are trying to make Persian crispy basmati rice (“tahdig”) without the hassle.

It works with US electric system (120V, 920W) and all you need to do is to just add equal parts water to equal parts rice, add salt and oil for taste and click the button.


Once the rice is fully cooked the cooker switches to a keep warm function to keep your rice warm until ready to serve.

The pan inside is Teflon coated and is removable for cleaning. The cord is not removable. It does not have a separate timer for tahdig, but it automatically makes the tahdig.

For white rice, it is also great, fast and perfect for when you have people coming over and do not have the time to make the rice in a traditional “Ab-kesh” way.

Definitely, you can make any kind of rice in this rice maker; this is a must have for Iranian cooking as it makes great tahdig (crispy rice) for Persian rice, is easy to use and big enough for a party.

It is amazing as it works as described and is great for large gatherings. You get much more of the tahdig because you get a nice crust on the sides.

3. Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

If you look for a Panasonic rice cooker, you should consider Panasonic SR-42HZP 23-cup (Uncooked) Commercial Rice Cooker, “NSF” Approved, Stainless Steel Lid.

It is a large -capacity commercial rice cooker that is NSF qualified, with a direct heating system and 67 in AC cord.

With such a unit, you can cook 23-cup (46-cup finished) of rice in approximately 30 minutes and serve up to 74 servings (3-ounce portions) or 54 servings (4-ounce portions).

It measures 14-15/16-inch (d) by 16.5/8-inch (w) by 11-9/16-inch (h) by 12.3-pound. With a silver finish, the rice cooker includes a stainless steel lid and easy-to-clean aluminum alloy removable pan liner.


Enjoy a keep warm control up to two hours with automatic shut-off and thermal safety fuse built-in. It is 110-120v, 12.9-amp; this means that it takes standard voltage and is able to generate 1550-watt. It approved by the Health Department for business use and NSF certified.

It is a pretty decent cooker for the money as it cooks fast with satisfactory results. But, it may not be so great for brown or wild rice.

Brown rice takes longer to cook, and a bit more water; you can soak the brown rice overnight before cooking. These cookers have some kind of sensor inside to tell them when the rice is cooked. Perhaps the sensor shuts off when all the water is evaporated.

You can cook various kinds of rice such as white rice, brown rice, wild rice, pink rice, rice mixes and Cajun Jambalaya as this is a really good rice cooker for cooking rice to feed many people.

If you want your rice like Persians cooked, do not buy this or take your rice out before it steams while it is wet.

It says 23 cups but again with Persians standard put you should cook max 15 cups, and otherwise, your rice would be dry and sticky.

Although it has not a non-stick pan, it cooks rice fast and good and you should make sure you have the rice and water ratio to your liking. And it shuts off when the rice is done; it does not just switch to “keep warm” mode.

4. BLACK+DECKER RCR520S 20 cup Uncooked Rice Cooker

Take your time to test BLACK+DECKER RCR520S All-in-One Cooking Pot. It is a multi-function appliance that has presets for: rice, risotto, pasta, slow cook, sauté and keep warm.

With a large capacity cooking pot up to 20 cups of cooked rice (10 cups, uncooked) for full and family-sized portions, this rice cooker is exactly what you need.


You get a rice cooker with a specially designed stirring function lets you create creamy, authentic risotto and does all the work for you.

You will observe that the included rice measure matches up with markings in the cooking pot in order to have the perfect rice-to-liquid ratio and perfectly fluffy rice without the guesswork. Plus, you get a dishwasher-safe serving spoon that is safe to use on the nonstick cooking surface.

It is the time to update your kitchen with the versatility and convenience of BLACK+DECKER. The nonstick pasta basket lets you use the cooking pot as a pasta cooker or a food steamer.


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All its components (pasta and steaming basket, stirring arm, removable cooking pot, and glass lid) are all dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

It is very simple to use without complicated instructions. Also, the booklet that comes with the slow cooker has some basic recipes which prove to be quite tasty.

With the locking mechanism for the cover, you get to eliminate the possibility of spilling the contents during transport.

With a chalkboard paint surface incredibly smart, you can write the name of the recipe inside so everyone knows what it is if you take it to a party or holiday dinner.


Consider putting veggies underneath the meat poultry or seafood in order to be cooked properly, while the lid has to be locked so it keeps the heat inside.

It is amazing: it is definitely a wonderful device for the price. The timer is so convenient and the fact that it automatically switches to warm when time is up is a huge plus.

5. Tatung TAC-11KN (UL) 11 Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker – 22 Cups Cooked

Tatung TAC-11KN(UL) 11 Cup Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Rice Cooker, Silver Gray cooks up to 11 cups uncooked rice (22 cups cooked rice) in its food grade 304 stainless steel inner and outer pot.

It includes steaming tray, measuring cup, rice spatula, and inner pot lid and is able to stew, steam, boil, makes porridge or brown rice.

Tatung TAC-11QN incorporates an indirect heating system; this system guarantees you the preservation of taste and texture in food dishes as this indirect heating system heats and steams the entire pot, so dishes are tastier and are cooked evenly.


With a steaming tray for steaming your favorite dishes such as dim sum, tamales, and vegetables etc.

The water in the cooker controls the time and that is it. When using a rice cooker, be aware that the keep warm function will make the stand alone granules which remain on the inner pot wall become hardened. As the rice is steamed from the outside as well as being cooked from the inside pot, you will get a rice very moist but cooks very fast.

The stainless is a very nice touch and makes it look great and match all the other kitchen stainless appliances and is also very easy to clean and high quality.

Tatung makes the best rice cookers hands down. No matter cooking or steaming, this cooker really makes life easier; you can use almost every day, or even more than one time a day.

It is made in Taiwan and is UL approved and designed for the US; there will be no problem for 120 V outlet.

The results are the same no matter how many cups you make. In keeping with the manufacturer’s instructions, be sure that you allow the pot to sit unopened and undisturbed for about 15 minutes after the power shuts off.

6. Presto 05813 16-Cup Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer

If you want to cook 4 to 16 cups of rice and keeps it serving hot for hours, Presto 05813 16-Cup Digital Stainless Steel Rice Cooker/Steamer is a great choice.

It provides an easy-to-open hinged cover that features a carrying handle and removable steam vent, and also a removable nonstick pot for easy serving and cleaning.

The handy steaming basket lets you conveniently steam vegetables and cooks rice at the same time, while the accessories such as nonstick pot, steaming basket, rice paddle, and handy measuring scoop are very useful for cooking. Its electrical requirements are 120 volts, 60 Hz only.


Do not worry: it automatically switches to the keep-warm mode when cooking time is complete. The indicator lights show cook functions for white and brown rice plus the keep-warm mode when cooking time is complete.

It is simple to use: just add rice and water and select from the digital push-button controls with a special setting for brown rice.

It cooks white or brown rice to perfection every time; the different lines for brown and white rice are just wonderful, ensuring the rice is cooked every time.

If you are thinking about this you should buy it, it is a great value for the price. Just make sure you clean it after every use, read the instructions, and you will have no problems.

You can use this cooker for a wide variety of rice and purposes and grain cooking, including quinoa. It is good for use with Asian and Mexican foods. It makes it easier to have rice ready and hot while the rest of the food is prepared and cooked.

The purpose of a rice cooker is to simplify life: if you are looking for a nice sized rice cooker and one that does the job the way you expect it to, then this one is for you.

It cooks rice fast, steams tamales well, and is very easy to clean up; it takes a little effort to clean but for the payoff of the food quality you end with, it is worth it.


Certainly, after consulting all these products, you can get an idea about extra large rice cookers that can give you some aid in a commercial kitchen and not only.

Once you have chosen the item, be sure you are reading carefully all the instructions before starting to cook; so, everything will be under control and your rice will be delicious.

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