6 Roasting Pans for Induction Cooktop with Reviews

A roasting pan is a necessary piece of cookware that you may need for roasting meat in an oven, an induction cooktop or other cooking surfaces.

Such a roasting pan may come with an accessory part, more precisely a rack sitting inside the pan in order to let the meat sit in the juice and fat drippings.


Be sure that the bottoms and sides of a good roasting pan will radiate and intensify a stovetop heat, browning the outside of a roast quickly while keeping the inside moist. Being one trick ponies in the kitchen, this type of cookware sometimes does a better job than anything else.

This appliance is a large one either with or without a lid and can be made of aluminum, stainless steel or other material, with enamel or nonstick coating. On the market, you are going to find roasting pans in a variety of sizes to suit different types of roasting.

Consider roasting pans with thick, rugged and firmly attached to the pan handles, a solid stainless steel construction with nonstick surfaces that require less oil and clean easier, sturdy racks that fit inside your pan, and allows at least 5 cm of headroom at the top of your oven.

You may consider that a variety of pans are suitable for roasting, but roasting pans are particularly useful for cooking large pieces of meat.

What it is important to know is that you should leave at least 2 inches of air space around the meat that you are roasting for a proper use of this type of pan.

In order to help you decide, we recommend you the following quality roasting pans; versatile cookware that is compatible with the oven, broiler, stovetop, and grill, these pans will become the unsung heroes of your kitchen.

1. Cuisinart MCP117-16BR Roaster Pan with Rack

Cuisinart MCP117-16BR MultiClad Pro Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack is a 20.8 inches roasting pan, including the 16-inch length of the roasting surface and the handles. It is made of stainless triple-ply construction.

It is induction ready and dishwasher safe and comes with a solid stainless steel rack and a limited lifetime warranty.


Such a roaster pan is designed with heat surround technology; definitely, this pan is a must in every kitchen as it becomes an essential piece of cookware for family dinners, parties, and holiday celebrations because it can hold turkeys, chickens, and large roasts.

With riveted stainless steel handles, placing the roaster into the oven, and lifting it out will turn to be safe and hassle-free. Its racks allow heat to circulate and let meat or poultry drain as it cooks.

The actual specifications of the inside of the pan are 15.875″x11.875″x3″, while the handles make the pan about 19″ long and 5″ high and the rack handles come up to the same height as the roaster handles.

It has a nice and flat bottom with rounded corners and is deep, perfect to make lasagna for all your guests. This is a great baking dish and the material would probably take the broil temperature but it is too deep to be effective. It is a very sturdy and heavy weight pan and well worth the money.


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This roasting pan does not warp, is induction friendly, and has great handles and a nice rack. It has a perfect size, just wide enough for a 20 lbs turkey.

You can use this roasting pan often for roasting vegetables; the advantage is that it holds a good amount and they are easy to stir and flip without shooting them off the pan onto the floor.

2. Calphalon 1767986 Roaster Pan with Rack and Lifters

You can also choose Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 14-Inch Roaster with Rack and Lifters, an item designed with aluminum core between 2 stainless steel layers that provides even heating for excellent browning and control of the cooking process.


The surface is made of non-porous stainless steel and is safe for use with all utensils.

With an elegant brushed stainless steel exterior, this pan can go from the oven or stove directly to the table; having a reflective cook surface, it is easy to monitor foods as they cook and remains beautiful over time.

The brushed stainless steel triple-riveted handles make lifting and turning easy, while non-stick v-rack lets heat circulate, for crisp browning.

This pan is great for making gravy, dishwasher-safe and carries Calphalon’s full lifetime warranty. In the packing box, you will find Calphalon Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 14-Inch Roaster, nonstick rack, and two stainless steel lifters.


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Consider preheating on high: it only takes a couple of minutes to preheat Calphalon cookware at the proper temperature to help prevent sticking. Also, it is necessary to keep your cookware clean as a common cause of sticking is residue from previous cooking or aerosol cooking sprays.

This roasting pan has a classically styled design with a polished stainless steel exterior and a satin finished interior; it is perfect for steaming vegetables, eggs smothered in chipotle sauce and cheese, boiled eggs, sautéing greens and other vegetables, etc.

It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s directions for bringing pan up to heat before adding cooking oil and so, nothing is going to burn.


With sturdy construction, it works perfectly on the stove top as well as the oven and doubles as a wok. So, do not be afraid of the price because there are more expensive pans out there, but they could beat the functionality of this one.

3. Viking Culinary 4013-5016 Roasting Pan with Non-Stick Rack

For roasting poultry, meats or vegetables in a large and heavy-duty roasting pan, you may purchase Viking Culinary 3-Ply Stainless Steel Roasting Pan and Non-Stick Rack, 16 Inch by 13 Inch.

With a 3-ply construction, this pan works on all cooktops including induction, stove top, oven, grill and broiler and is safe to 600°F/315°C.


The pot has an 18/8 stainless interior that is easy to clean and will not react with food, keeping flavors intact, Signature Viking handles attached with stainless rivets, designed for comfort, balance, transfer food with ease and a secure grip and V-shaped nonstick rack elevates food for even cooking.

With lifetime limited warranty, Viking Culinary 4013-5016 Roasting Pan with Non-Stick Rack is large enough to fit a 25-pound turkey, big cuts of meat or a lot of vegetables, but you can also use it for big batches of lasagna or casseroles.

It is known that Viking does make some of their cookware in the USA, so that is probably where the confusion comes in, but this particular piece is definitely made in China.


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This roaster is safe to 640 degrees, while the rack is safe to 400 degrees, and its bottom is flat that is great for induction stovetop. Be sure that this pan is beautiful and feels and looks to be well made.

If you use this many times, you will observe that it provides very even heat, does not warp or discolor, and it cleans up very nicely.

The roasting rack is excellent for cooking large roasts evenly, and it cleans up well, too. This pan has the handles in a fixed position that is turned to the inside of the pan, keeping your arms clear of the oven.


Although it is heavier than most other roasting pans, the roaster does very well with ham and vegetables and is easy to clean. You should not be concerned about the mirror finish as eventually, the usage will cause scratches; this will not be the case for this pan.

4. WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan

WMF Stainless Steel Deep Oval Roasting Pan, 16-1/4-Inch is made of high quality 18/10 Cromargan stainless steel and has a Transtherm base on both pot and lid suitable for all cooktops.

Consider the fact that the lid converts this roasting pan into a saute pan.

You should choose this product as the ensemble is great for oven roasting or stovetop cooking and is dishwasher safe. As any other roaster pan, this WMF one is perfect for oven-roasting poultry, pot roasts, or cooking on the stovetop.


The pan measures 16-1/4-inch long by 11-1/4-inch wide by 7.10-inch high. Its body has a bright mirror finish and it makes this gorgeous roaster perfect for oven-to-table serving, as well. Another important feature refers to the versatile, dual-handled lid that has an identical base; simply turn it over and use it for sauteing vegetables or creating savory gravies or sauces.

Welded and very high quality, the handles are permanently on the roaster, but they are arranged nicely.

This does not come with a rack and is made in China. Although the maximum temperature is not listed, it is safe if you are using a household oven, but avoid exceeding the temperature of the melting point of a stainless steel pot.

Versatile and with an intelligent design, this pan is a must in any kitchen. It is great to be able to use the lid as another pan. As it looks beautiful at the table, there is no problem to place it directly on the table and clean up is so easy.

5. CM CMRW International Roasted Pan

This Stainless Steel Professional Grade Multi Roaster – Four Cookware Products in One, including Extra Large Roaster is a multi-use roaster and so, you can have four cookware products in one, including extra large roaster.

The top can be used as a saute pan, while the bottom can be used as a stock pot and both pieces together make a great covered roaster.

This roasting pan features a stainless steel construction with tri-ply brushed. The stainless steel cooking surfaces on top and bottom pan allow you to use them separately as saute pans or all together as an extra large roaster able to accommodate up to a 20 lb turkey. Isn’t wonderful?


With side mount diagonal handles of this pan, you get more access to crowded ovens. The polished interior and exterior allow for easy cleaning and the pan is fully induction capable.

Also, this unit comes with a rack: the main advantage is that it hangs up on the edge of the roaster in order to allow products to drain into the base.

This quality product does it all from dishwasher to oven, is 18/10 gauge and made in China. As you may expect, the cover is the perfect size and depth for broiling.

The rack also helps with broiling. This is a great addition to your cookware because it is well made, big enough for a nice size turkey, heavy stainless steel and it is not going to ding or dent and it retains heat well.

Definitely, this roaster is well worth the cost as most of the less expensive roasters are not deep enough, and there is always concern about spillover when getting a large bird out of the oven.

This added depth and generous lid mean that there is no need to supplement with aluminum foil to get the coverage you need.

Some helpful tips consider the fact that this roaster has a great wire style tray for the turkey and this is necessary to roast the turkey without having it stew it its own juices.

And with the handles on that tray, you can pull the turkey out every time you want. You may notice that the cover handles are in an unusual position that saves a lot of space in the oven so you can cook vegetables or other things in at the same time.

6. M’Cook 5217.15 Rectangular Roasting Pan and Rack by Mauviel

If you are looking for a roasting pan made in France, you should purchase Mauviel Made In France M’Cook 5 Ply Stainless Steel 5217.15 15.7 by 11.8-Inch Rectangular Roasting Pan and Rack with Cast Stainless Steel Handles.

It is known that Mauviel is the leading cookware manufacturer for professional and household chefs throughout the world.

The 2.6 mm thickness and 5 Ply Construction of the pan offer high performance, superior heat conductivity and controlled even heat distribution.


Its cast stainless steel handles stay cool during use and pouring rims on every shape. It can be used on all cooking surfaces: electric, gas, halogen, induction stovetops, and in the oven. It is dishwasher safe and oven safe including under the broiler.

It is important to know that all Mauviel products are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing defects for household use. The actual dimensions of the pan are 12 3/4 ” by 16 5/8″, as it has a rolled lip and the handles increase the total width to 18 1/4″.

This pan is slightly larger than the one of Cuisinart, the roasting rack is a V instead of a semi-dome and allows for a larger turkey to be seated more solidly.

And the interior finish is matte; you might not think this is a big deal, but you may forget about scratches from whisking up pan gravies.

This roasting pan is really nice; you will get nice caramelizing or can use it for deglazing of the drippings from the pan as it is more than thick enough.

It feels heavy and solid, does a much better job and is easier to clean and has less spattering. Certainly, you will consider it very soon one of the most beautiful and functional tools.


These are all the roasting pans for induction cooktops and other cooking surfaces that you should consider before making an investment.

Each one is great for a Thanksgiving turkey and so, everyone will appreciate your delicious meal. Very nice and a good size for a variety of roasts, these roasting pans work great, cook evenly and clean up great, making you always justified with your new acquisition.

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