7 Truly Tiny Kitchens with Serious Style

You’ve seen small kitchens, but these kitchens are really really small — sometimes only a few feet long. How do they fit it all in? Come take a look.

The kitchen of this Swedish studio from Rue Magazine has just the basics: a sink, a little two-burner stove, and an undercounter fridge. It’s very small, but very efficient (and very pretty, thanks to a strict commitment to monochromatic dinnerware).

A very little kitchen in a Paris studio spotted on Cote Maison.

This diminutive kitchen from Fantastic Frank nevertheless manages to fit in a stove and a dishwasher. The dark color scheme is a bold but refreshing choice.

This French kitchen by A+B Kasha is detailed so subtly you might hardly know it’s a kitchen, but all that white paneling conceals a dishwasher, range hood, and refrigerator. You can see more of this apartment here.

This little kitchen, spotted on Houzz, appears to have a wee dishwasher under the sink — very clever.

This little Paris apartment is only 121 square feet, but that didn’t keep designer Marianne Evennou from making from making some very bold (and beautiful) design choices in the kitchen. The dark colors, marble countertop, and vessel sink all lend a luxe feel. You can see more of this apartment, including a floor plan, here.

This kitchen, spotted in this perfect tiny little Stockholm studio, makes the very best of its small footprint with an apartment-sized sink, two-burner stove, undercounter fridge, and a mirrored backsplash that creates the illusion of a much larger space.

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