A Step Up from Sweet Potato Toast

Toasted sweet potato, the latest alternative to bread, has recently been sweeping the social media scene. Given the number of people on grain-free diets, this innovative “toast” now serves as a sandwich base in many a lunchbox.

While popping a slice of sweet potato in a toaster wins points for cleverness, I prefer to make my “toast” in a skillet or a sandwich grill. It’s far more tasty and digestible. Why’s that? The heat from a toaster doesn’t effectively penetrate a dense tuber. By comparison, a more airy slice of bread, or even a bagel, is more toastable.

Grilled Sweet Potato and Yam
Grilled Sweet Potato and Yam

If you double toast the sweet potato, odds are that the edges will char and the center will remain al dent. While an underdone sweet potato is firm enough for a wannabe sandwich, it lacks savor. There’s good reason why semicooked starchy vegetables aren’t served as crudités.

Fortunately there are more delicious options. If it’s a sandwich you want, pan fry or grill sliced sweet potato (click for recipe).  As the vegetable skin adds color contrast and good fiber, there’s no need to peel it.

You needn’t limit yourself to sweet potatoes; yam, butternut squash and kabocha pumpkin are just as lovely. The fat expediently conducts heat and adds layers of rich flavor. Place on a plate for an open face sandwich and serve with a fork. Alternatively grilled sweet potato makes a great side dish.


Pan-Fried Kabocha Pumpkin
Pan-Fried Kabocha Pumpkin

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