All Natural Eyebrow Gel Recipe

All Natural Eyebrow Gel Recipe |

Taming The Wild Beast


For Years I have dealt with wild eyebrows!  Now I’m not just talking about a hair or two being in the wrong place…I’m talking about the whole brow going in every direction possible!

I’ve tried eyebrow gels and so-called natural eyebrow gel products, but none of them gave me the desired look I was looking for and they certainly didn’t last all day long.

So I set out to find a natural solution, and if I must say so myself, this is the BEST natural eyebrow gel solution that I have found, hands down!

The Magic Ingredient


You know, we tend to overcomplicate things…would you agree?  Sometimes the most effective solutions are the simplest ones.

I talk about this a lot in my latest book Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness, and how keeping it simple often creates the best natural solutions!

Most of the ingredients that I use for natural solutions come directly from nature! This natural solution is no different. The ingredient (yes ONE ingredient) that I use to tame my eyebrows is aloe vera gel.

Choosing The Right Aloe Vera Gel


Yes, it is that simple…aloe vera gel is incredibly effective!  Not all aloe vera gels are natural, though, and most are loaded with less desirable ingredients. Stay away from these, they won’t work as well, and your skin will absorb the unwanted ingredients!

This is what I use, and it is one of the purest aloe vera on the market. I found it at my local health food store, but you can also find it on Amazon too.

Now you can always use a real aloe vera plant, I have used that too, but I find this aloe vera to be less messy and quite simply easier to apply.

How To Apply


So here is the low down!  It’s so simple you’ll be like, WHAT?!?!!  Squeeze a very small amount (I’m talking smaller than a small pea size) of aloe vera gel onto your finger, or onto an eyebrow brush.

Gently rub over your eyebrows and style them the way you’d like them to look.  Here is the trick, though! Once you’ve applied the gel, let it completely dry…don’t mess with them, don’t brush them, just leave them be. It will be a little stiff at first, but as it drys it will soften.

Once dry (about 2-3 minutes) apply your eyebrow powder if needed and just leave your brows be.  Again, don’t brush them, shape them or mess with them, just leave them be!

You will be amazed that even at the end of a long day, your eyebrows will still have their shape that you sculpted earlier that morning.

Other Uses For Aloe Vera Gel


As discussed in my new book, aloe vera gel has a ton of other uses!

Pure aloe vera gel has antibacterial qualities and contains vitamins and mineral that can help with so many skin issues.

It moisturizes skin, tones skin, relieves minor burns and makes an excellent eye makeup remover. If you haven’t used aloe vera gel recently, I suggest you give it a try.  It truly is amazing and I use it daily!

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All Natural Eyebrow Gel Recipe |

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