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Sampling the drinks of the stars

From the Flintstones savoring Winston cigarettes in 1961 to Kendall Jenner’s remarkable work with Pepsi just this year, the realm of celebrity endorsements has known profound highs and devastating lows. Source link

S.C. legislators work to ensure equality remains irrelevant

Two South Carolina legislators are conspiring to mute attempts to fight inequality and enact social progress. Bill Chumley and Mike Burns want to erect a monument that honors black Confederate soldiers. It’s an effort to “get the truth out about what really happened” according to Chumley and an attempt to “end all this foolishness” according

3 Natural Sexual Lubricants for Better, Safer Sex

Photo by Elizabeth Tsung on Unsplash There’s no shame in using sexual lubricants to make sex feel better. The following sexual lubricants are great choices to keep by your bedside. (And they are natural, too!) 1. Sutil from Self Serve Self Serve is a feminist, sex-positive sex shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Self Serve specializes

Happy Death Day is eerily unoriginal | Film Reviews

Multiple times while watching Happy Death Day, I wrote in my notes: “Who’s killing her?,” “Why?,” and “Who cares?” Attempts to humanize “Tree,” as college student protagonist Teresa (Jessica Rothe) is called, are in vain because by the time we learn her backstory we already don’t like her. When she gets killed, we can’t help

Leonardo DiCaprio Battles Climate Change With Beyond Meat Investment

image via Leonardo DiCaprio/Instagram Academy-award-winning actor and outspoken environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on as an investor with the southern California plant-based meat producer, Beyond Meat. The hot startup has been in the spotlight with its “bleeding” burger that cooks and tastes like meat with virtually the same nutritional profile as beef, but without the