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ceramic cookwareCeramic cookware is one of the safest alternatives there are, together with the best stainless steel cookware. Cooking is a process of thermodynamics and no matter how you look at it, you’ll always need a medium to cook your ingredients. Mediums like steel and copper pose threats to the unsuspecting user. Truth be told, very few types of cookware are 100% safe.

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Ceramic cookware come in all colors and designs. This means you’d be able to find just about any pastel colored cookware you want. Aside from being just pleasing to the eyes, ceramics are truly safe cookware. These cookware are free from chemicals and are non-reactive so they pose no health hazards.

Aside from being a little fragile, ceramic cookware are really sturdy and versatile when it comes to cooking. I have however one warning for those who intend to cook using ceramics. Please do not buy cheap cookware sets because some ceramic cookware may be made using lead coatings. Fret not, all the cookware featured below are not only the best ceramic cookware I’ve used, I am sure that they are 100% safe.

Ceramic Cookware Reviews 2016

Best Budget Ceramic Cookware Set – Cook N Home NC 00358

Cook N Home NC-00358If you have a budget and still want a safe yet durable ceramic coated cookware set, the Cook N Home NC 00358 is a decent 10 piece cookware set to look at. The pieces in this set are splendid. Every single piece that ranged from the saucepan to the dutch oven had a purpose to serve. This means the casual home cook wouldn’t ever be short handed when trying to whip up any family feasts or regular family dinners.

The casserole pan lids could double up as lids for the fry pans. I was impressed that the manufactured took into account that some chefs prefer to have lids on their fry pans. Lids help ensure that the internal temperature in the pan can be a lot higher and there will be a lot less oil splattering across the kitchen floor.

I also love how the pots and pans clean up easily and nothing sticks unless I burn them! Even if that happens, a soak overnight does the trick and all of it comes off.

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Best Ceramic Cookware Set – WearEver Pure Living C943SF

WearEver Pure LivingWearEver Pure Living has the best ceramic cookware set. The C943SF comes in a 10 piece set and a 15 piece set. I think the 15-piece set is great value for money.

Feel free to sear with confidence because this cookware set can be used up to the temperature of 750F, though I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s actually no need to go up to that temperature when ceramic holds heat so well. You’d end up burning your food and damaging the ceramic finish.

While the C943SF is dishwasher friendly, it is so easy to clean up by hand that I’d rather hand wash these to keep them in good shine. A reviewer said that if you season these pans lightly with coconut oil it would preserve the nonstick qualities of the ceramic surface, and I found that true and helpful.

The ergonomic silicone handle also makes maneuvering and handling the cookware an easy task. Controlling the cookware or the food that was cooking in it was such a breeze.

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Best Ceramic Frying Pan – Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan

Ozeri Green Earth Frying PanThe Ozeri Green Earth Frying Pan is about the best pan you can purchase that has a reinforced layer of ceramic non-stick and scratch resistant coating. The 8 inch variant barely reaches the $25 price point. This is remarkable because it is kinda rare that I’d be able to purchase an induction friendly frying pan at this price.

This isn’t one of your usual run off the mill ceramic coated aluminium pan. The GREBLON lining is PTFE and PFOA free so it’ll not release any harmful substances even when used at high temperatures.

The heavy gauge aluminium used also gives the fry pan a nice weight to it. It doesn’t feel overly heavy and thanks to the weight the pan doesn’t wobble even if the contents in the pan are placed unevenly.

The pan comes in three sizes that are the 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch variant. The only downside I found to using this pan is that there wasn’t a lid I that came with the pan. However, thanks to the hollow design of the pan oil didn’t splatter much when I used the pan.

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