Best Training, Lifting, and Workout Gear for Men: Fall 2017

These aren’t your average, muscle-hugging tights. Skins claims its “proprioceptive power bands” support your knees, reduce fatigue and injury, and build a greater mind-muscle connection when lifting. Varying degrees of compression (some gradients are stronger where you need it most), are thought to pump more oxygen to your muscles for powered-up runs and lifts. We like that the waistband is specially designed to stabilize your lumbar spine and low abdominals, which can help keep you safe during heavy squats and deadlifts. There’s also built-in dynamic heat technology, so when the garment recognizes you’re heating up, it’ll release a cooling effect. Likewise, if you’re taking your fall workout outdoors, the tights can lock in your body heat. Just note that the K-Proprium have a different feel (aside from being very snug), and will take some patience tugging on and into place. ($199.99,

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