Bialetti 10-Piece Ceramic Pro Cookware Review: Why Is It Recommended?

You may not have control over your fate, but Bialetti gives you control over every meal you serve.

What do you think determines the quality of food you make? For most of us, we believe that great food needs mastery in culinary skills. We also put more attention on the spices used when cooking thinking that makes us gourmet chefs.

However, when you look back to your grandma’s kitchen, cooking was more intuitive, and it relied on the quality of the cookware. In most cases, the cooking pot or pan was ceramic. Having finally realized the secret, we are all looking for the best ceramic cookware set. Bialetti comes highly recommended in the cookware set category because of their rich history and has made cookware sets for over 50 years.

These ceramic cookware sets are taking the cooking industry by storm because the use of a ceramic coating is eco-friendly. They are free of PTFE and PFOA. Though PTFE and PFOA are more durable than ceramic, they can’t withstand high temperatures. When you overheat the cooking set, these compounds are broken down releasing toxic and carcinogenic gases. This isn’t the case with ceramic pots and pans.

You can keep ceramic cookware in the freezer, microwave, and the refrigerator. This material is also good because it doesn’t react with food.

Criteria of Evaluation

We picked this Ceramic Pro cookware set for this Bialetti Ceramic cookware review after a thorough evaluation of its quality. Compared to most ceramic cookware sets on the market, its quality and durability are unmatched. Handling the cookware is easy thanks to the stainless steel handles. Unfortunately, the handles heat up, and you can get bag burns if you handle the pots or pans with bare hands.

The ceramic nonstick interior and the hard anodized exterior make this a durable and good ceramic cookware. It is worth mentioning that Bialetti stays true to its set standards producing only the best household items.

Characteristics of a good ceramic cookware set:

  • Oven friendliness
  • Able to meet your budget
  • High-quality material resulting in even heat distribution and even cooking
  • Safe nonstick materials are non-carcinogenic. They can withstand high heat cooking conditions.
  • Warranties and guarantees over one year long

Bialetti Ceramic Pro Cookware 10-Piece

Why Choose The Bialetti Ceramic Cookware Set?

Great food results from using a pan that allows even distribution of heat without scorching and forming hot spots. Such cooking pots and pans result in evenly cooked foods with savory flavors created and nutrients locked in. After extensive research, a cookware set that promises the best meals every day is this 10-Piece Ceramic Pro nonstick cookware set.

The reason why we hold this cookware set in high regard is that Bialetti is a big household brand in Italy. It has made some of the best household cookware for well over 50 years. With all these years of experience, it only means that they are producing products of reliable quality.

This ceramic pro cookware has a beautiful design seen in the interior and the exterior surfaces. The interior surface has a gray nonstick coat. This gray interior finish matched the exterior, gray finish creating a classic style that fits all home and kitchen interior décors. Gray is a neutral color, and it blends with every color.

The nonstick ceramic coat makes for the superior release of food and easy cleaning. The coat is non-carcinogenic; it is Teflon (PFOA and PTFE) enhancing healthy habits. Being nonstick also means the use of less cooking oil.

When it comes to ceramic cookware safety, the cookware set has high searing capabilities thanks to this safe coat. Searing requires the use of high heat when cooking but, this is often a problem when dealing with unsafe nonstick coatings which are unstable under high heat. With this risk out of the way, you can use this ceramic cookware set for searing.

Under controlled heat conditions, you can use the set’s pans and pots to braise, fry, stir fry, bake and even broil food. In short, the set is versatile, and you can make just about every meal.

The cookware’s ability to withstand high heat also comes from the use of heavy gauge hard anodized aluminum on the exterior. An anodized surface is twice as hard as stainless steel. Anodization makes cookware stronger and long lasting, and in this case, it adds something else, it gives the cookware set its lustrous feel and finish.

The use of aluminum in the construction of this cookware is the reason for even cooking. Aluminum encourages even heating of the pots and the pans.

This ceramic pro cookware has high-quality stainless steel handles that cap off the elegance of the set. The cast stainless steel handle offers a secure and a comfortable grip keeping you secure when cooking. For control, you can use hold the small helper handle using a pot holder or a towel.

Other than the versatility in how you can cook, this cookware set lets you cook on different surfaces except on induction cookers. You can use it to bake food as long as you don’t exceed 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the glass lids, you can observe the food while it cooks and this also helps in preserving nutrients and flavors while it cooks.

Having said above, there are also other nonstick cookware and nonstick pans that you can consider.


  • The set is durable and worth the money.
  • The set comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It is versatile; you can cook anything and on most cooking surfaces including glass
  • The nonstick surface is safe


  • It isn’t compatible with induction stove tops because the base isn’t magnetized
  • The lids and the handles get too hot

Comparison: Bialetti Ceramic Pro Vs Bialetti Aeternum Cookware

If you are considering Bialetti, then, you have these two cookware sets pitching against each other. Looking at both sets, you will take the red Bialetti Aeternum if you prefer bright and bold colors to darker colors of the Bialetti Ceramic Pro.

But, color isn’t the only defining features of these two cookware sets, the Bialetti Aeternum has soft-touch and heat-resistant Bakelite handles while Bialetti Ceramic Pro has stainless steel enduring handles. Aeternum isn’t oven-safe: such limitations make us choose its rival Ceramic Pro.

Also, Aeternum has a heavy gauge forged aluminum exterior and a ceramic interior perfect for browning while Ceramic Pro has a heavy gauge hard anodized exterior and an interior ceramic layer perfect for searing.

Looking at these features, Bialetti Ceramic Pro is better than Bialetti Aeternum because the former has a higher functionality and heat resistance than the latter.

Then again, your choice will depend on your style and your preferences in terms of functionality.

Final Thoughts

This is a high-quality cookware set that is eco-friendly and makes cooking a breeze. The set comes in a neutral color that blends into any kitchen’s interior décor design. The price may be higher than that of other ceramic cookware sets but, looking at its quality, the functionality, and the ten-year warranty, it is worth the price. Highly recommended. We hope that this Bialetti ceramic cookware review can really help you to understand the pots and pans better.

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