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Pack Your Lunch for Work More Often

It seems so easy. Why would you wait in line to spend money on a sub-standard lunch near the office when you could bring your own well-prepared meal from home? Like so many other things that seem simple, the office lunch is anything but for some of us. I know because I spent my first

Trader Joe’s Debuts Naturally Flavored Sparkling Waters

If you’ve walked into a Trader Joe’s then you’ve likely been met with a bubbly employee with a mysteriously high energy level. Now, the supermarket is bringing bubbly to its shelves in a different form: sparkling waters. Trader Joe’s already carries the Spindrift brand but the new line — called Trader Joe’s Naturally Flavored Sparkling

5 Quick & Easy One-Pot Dinners Starring Rice

After a long day, the thought of cooking an elaborate meal and thus filling a sink with dirty dishes can be enough to convince you to call in for takeout. That’s why meals that require just one pot are such big wins on weeknights. These five one-pot meals lean on rice, along with plenty of

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Roasted Dijon Potatoes

My meal plans are rooted in simple weeknight dinners that come together as quickly as possible, so it should come as no surprise that my side dish preferences follows suit. That’s just part of the reason these roasted potatoes are currently on repeat. It’s also because they go with everything. Whatever you do, just don’t

The Pressure Cooker You Need Is on Sale Now

You’ve heard a lot of noise about the Instant Pot (it’s a 7-in-1 miracle machine!), and although you like the idea of being able to “set and forget,” maybe you’re not a fan of bulky products that have an overwhelming amount of settings and functions? Sometimes you just want to — quickly — make some

25 Creative Main Dishes for a Crowd-Pleasing BBQ

Here’s my secret to being a backyard BBQ baller: I keep my sides, drinks, and desserts simple, but serve up the biggest, most impressive main dishes I can muster. Ribs, whole artichokes, or even a big ol’ turkey are sure to wow your guests. From teriyaki pork tenderloin and dill pickle chicken, to cauliflower steaks

Here’s What the New Homesense Store Looks Like Inside

If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the opening of Homesense, the new HomeGoods spinoff, we’re right there with you. The first location in Framingham, Massachusetts opens Thursday, but we visited and got a sneak peek inside. We’re taking you on a tour below. Though Homesense is already a popular home store for TJX—HomeGoods’ parent company—overseas, this

Antibiotics in Asian Livestock Industry Pose Global Health Crisis

iStock/branex The use of antibiotics in agriculture in Asia will increase more than double by 2030 given current trends, according to a new report from investor network FAIRR. This increased use of antibiotics in agriculture could have potentially damaging effects on antibiotic resistance the world over. Today, half of all the world’s antibiotics are consumed in China alone.