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Low-Fat Versus Full-Fat Salad Dressing: What’s Healthier?

iStock/kicsiicsi When eating a giant bowl of kale, roasted vegetables, micro greens, and anything else in the fridge, you want to maximize your nutrition, right? So what’s healthier to pour over your salad? The low-fat versus full-fat salad dressing battle begins! If weight loss is your goal, it might be counterintuitive to drizzle greens with

Workers in Poultry Plants Don’t Have Regular Access to Bathrooms, New Report Shows

iStock/andresr Workers at poultry plants are afraid to tell regulatory agencies about potential health hazards in their place of work, according to a new report from the United States Government Accountability Office. The report specifically notes that conditions at poultry plants are so bad that some facilities even prevent workers from taking bathroom breaks. “Requests

Bringing Jobs to Conflict Zones With Honey

Last year, the FDA found that most U.S. honey contains glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, but Heavenly Organics honey is one that you can be sure isn’t tainted. How can we be certain? Not only has Heavenly Organics been tested and approved by the Detox Project, a company that tests products for

5 Life Lessons from Jay-Z’s New York Times Interview

By i am guilty – JAY-Z, original resolution, CC BY-SA 2.0 Last month, New York Times’s executive editor Dean Baquet sat down to conduct a rare interview with rap legend Jay-Z. Just a week prior to the interview, Beyoncé’s husband raked in eight Grammy nominations for this year’s “4:44” album. To many, however, he is

Whole Foods Retains ‘Whole Paycheck’ Image

iStock/krblokhin Despite highly publicized price cuts since Amazon bought Whole Foods Market in August, the natural chain is having a hard time competing on the marketplace: Costco is still offering organic food at cheaper prices, and Trader Joe’s is still bringing in more natural and organic food shoppers. A recent basket study conducted by LendEDU found

HowGood Digs into School Lunches, and It Ain’t Pretty

iStock/XiXinXing It turns out the nutritional content of school lunches isn’t the only thing we need to be concerned about. Independent research organization HowGood has found that most conventional school lunches contain harmful ingredients like azodicarbonamide, sodium stearoyl lactylate, and calcium propionate, a veritable alphabet soup of chemicals and additives that no parent wants in

The 5 Winter Squash Varieties You Need on Your Plate

  iStock/Alina Demidenko From acorn squash to kabocha, winter squash varieties are some of the most versatile, hearty, and delicious seasonal eats out there. Boasting tons of flavor and endless preparation methods, winter squash are nutritious fruits (yep!) to nosh on all winter long. Winter Squash Facts Unlike soft skinned summer squash, winter squash have

The Winter Dessert You’ve Been Looking For

This flavorful and fruit-filled apple and pear crisp is a sweet treat to enjoy all winter long. Bonus: because the ingredients are so healthy, this crisp could even double as a healthy breakfast or brunch option. Apple and Pear Crisp Ingredients The beauty of a crisp is the minimal amount of ingredients and prep time