Christian Bale Gains Weight to Play Dick Cheney in Biopic ‘Backseat’

Actor Christian Bale has gone through plenty of body transformations for movie roles over the years, but his most recent might be the “biggest” one yet.

Bale dropped around 60lbs back in 2004 for The Machinist. This year, though, Bale rode the scale in the other direction for his role as Dick Cheney in the biopic Backseat.

The 43-year-old packed on pounds of weight—most specifically bulking his neck—to portray former the former vice president in the Adam McKay-directed film. Bale showed off his new figure at the Toronto Film Festival (he also spoke about his new Western movie Hostiles), at which plenty of Hollywood insiders were surprised at how much bigger he looked.

Here’s a look at Bale in costume as Cheney, and some other looks at his new figure.

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