Comment on My Weight Loss Story by Tina

Thank you for your insight. I am currently suffering from EBV after a nasty viral infection. My symptoms are very similar to yours. I seem to be on the same track as you with the exception of meat and eggs. I am only quite slim so can’t afford to lose weight. Its been a bit tricky and have lost 2 kilo’s ( now 51kg) Sometimes you think you will never feel normal again but reading your blog gives me hope. I am hoping in 2 weeks I will feel like you did. Fingers crossed. My metal detox begins beginning of week 3. Wow – what a journey it has been. So nice to hear and sometimes grateful to know I am not the only one who feels this way. You always seem to read the horror stories – I moved away from the medical fraternity when all my tests came back clear and they sent me home to rest and take panadol. So glad I found a naturopath/accupuncturist that has put me on the right track. For the first time in my life – I would like the next 3 weeks to disappear right before my eyes so I can wake up and feel good again – small steps is the key I have been told. Any other advice you have? T x

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