De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet Review

De’LongHi BG45 Electric SkilletParty or family meeting are both usual and important events in everyone’s life. But most of us are afraid of spending lots of time and effort to prepare or to clean up. Worry no more now, De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet  can fullfil your happy and joyful moments with your dear ones by shortening the time you cooking and cleaning. Or let imagine that your highschool girl wants to cook a birthday party for you, yet everything seems too much to her and she really wishes to make your favorite dishes in order to surprise you. De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet  never lets this wonderful daughter down by supporting her to prepare a dream party for her parents.

Effective cooking

This skillet can be used to practice cooking any dishes that you desire. Your favorite food now is not out of your reach anymore. If you are a risk-taker, you can create a recipe and let the skillet finish the rest part for you. In addition,  with the embedded heating element, you do not have to waste a lot of time for cooking. It guarantees the most efficient and even cooking. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or superb are no longer a nightmare to busy bees. So you really need a short time for a viand, how fabulous it is!

Non-stick surface

In the past, only experts in cooking could make dishes with perfect look and taste. Today, everyone can enjoy perfect meals made by themselves. You are not going to get crazy at the end of the cooking because with non-stick surface, you dish will look as delicious as you expect. You do not need to be neat-handed to take the food out of the skillet without leaving anything in it. Another advantage of this non-stick surface skillet is that only a small amount of oil needed to make a dish. Lots of housewives must be very happy because their main purpose to cook at home for family is to keep them stay healthy.

Good steam evaporation with adjustable vent holes 
Clients usually do not like the skillet without vent holes. Understanding the clients’ need, De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet is designed with vent holes. Experts of cooking always prefer equipment which can control every element making delicious dishes such as: heat, evaporation. Each element plays important roles in the cooking process. Therefore, little vent holes in the lid will make a big different to your dish. Why don’t you show your family members and guests your cooking skill with a little help from this skillet?
Hours to cook, minutes to clean
We are all very excited about preparing something but really tired of cleaning it. It happens the same way in cooking. After putting lots of effort to cook and enjoying your meal with lots of laughs, lots of talking, you must be exhausted. You must feel cleaning is a terrible part and seems like it takes you for ages to clean everything. Be positive! This skillet can save your time and end your nightmare about cleaning. So simple to hand wash it gently with an appropriate sponge or put it in the dishwasher. Things are fast and convenient now.
Other noticeable features

  • Due to the fact, you need not have to fear running out of gas in the middle of cooking as it uses electricity.
  • Cool touching handles will make the removal easier as well as faster.
  • Cast aluminum body can help this product last longer.
  • Adjustable detachable thermostat will give you ideal results
  • Glass lid for you to easily monitor the process and understand more about food.
  • Extra-large surface accommodates a big amount of food, so that cooking for a party is as simple and quick as a usual meal.

De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet got 139 reviews from customers and there are many more positive comments than the negative ones. Specifically, customers scored 5 stars account for 74%, 4 stars account for 17%, 3 stars account for 2%, 2 stars account for 4% and 1 star account for 3%. As you can see, the outcome reveals great satisfaction from customers on this product.
What customers think about the product

Many customers like De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet because of many reasons. Most of them said that it heated evenly and reached to the desired temperature. This feature helps them to cook easily and deliver good food. Moreover, some customers like the large interior surface which made it easier to cook more. Its look is also likable as a user said it made a nice table top presentation and its construction seemed good. They also made compliments on its convenience because it keeps food warm at the table and can be used as a buffet server in a big party or informal entertaining. The lid is reviewed positively by some customers because it keeps food warm at the table and can be used as a buffet server in a big party or informal entertaining. Another nice feature that is reviewed by the users is the fabulous non-stick surface makes cleaning so quick and easy.


However, there are some critical reviews complaining about some very minor flaws of the product. First is the misleading light. The thermostat light turns off when the skillet is above the set temperature because the heating coil is not on, and turns back on again when the skillet has dropped below the set temperature because the heating coil went on again automatically. Another thing is the lowest temperature setting is “warm”, not “off” – to turn the skillet fully off you have to unplug it. The next point is the insides of the handles don’t fully cover the sides of the pot, and the sides of the pot get quite hot.


In general, most customers agreed that De’Longhi BG45 Electric Skillet is a good buy thanks to a lot of convenience it brings to their kitchen. Even though there are some little flaws that were complained by few users, its advantages out-weight those not very nice things. Hence, it is not an overstatement to say that this is one of the best electric skillets in the market.

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