Gaggenau CX480 vs CX491 Full Surface Induction Cooktops

Have you heard about Gaggenau induction cooktops?

And what is your opinion regarding the models CX480 and CX491?

Definitely, you should consider the similarities and differences between these two induction cooktops.

Let’s have a look together to these two induction cooktops.

1. Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480 comes with one single big cooking surface, TFT touch display for an intuitive control of all functions, maximum power output for big cookware of up to 4.4 kW, sturdy stainless steel frame and free positioning of cookware.

The easy to use color graphic TFT touch display provides user indications, while you have also electronic power control in 17 output levels.

You get one unique cooking surface of 2800 cm² and the possibility to place simultaneously up to 4 items of cookware on the cooktop.


The touch display can be operated easily with your fingers. Just activate the desired function by briefly touching the corresponding display area or areas within the display.

It is important to know that the position, size and shape of the cookware used is automatically detected by the cooktop and sizes with a diameter of 90 to 340 mm are suitable.

The cooktop is equipped with a cooling fan which is operated to reduce and regulate the temperature of the electronic system.

The fan can also continue to run when the appliance is switched off if the temperature measured after switching the cooktop off is still too hot.


You have two options for Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480: CX480 111 and CX480 110. Although these induction cooktops may seem similar, there are some differences between these two.

Regarding CX480 111 model, you should know that it provides a 3 mm stainless steel precision crafting, can be combined perfectly with other Vario appliances of the 400 series and is supposed to be used for surface installation with a visible edge or for flush installation.

2. Gaggenau CX491 36″ Full Surface Induction

On the other hand, you have the CX491 induction cooktop full surface induction cooktop with its entire cooking surface that can be used as one large cooking zone.

As you may intuit, the used cookware is automatically identified and heated exactly where it stands.

Operating this cooktop is easier as it has an extra-large TFT touch display which shows the positions, sizes, and shapes of the cookware and guarantees you intuitive operation for fast, easy and simple cooking.

Be aware of the fact that this unique cooking surface allows for cookware as small as 3″ and as large as 13″ x 21″.


You can place up to 4 items of cookware can be placed simultaneously on the cooktop.

Despite the features of the cooktop, you have Booster function, individual pot detection, power management, a timer for each cooking position, individual pot detection, short-term timer and information key with user indicators.

As Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480, the safety features are child lock, display cleaning protection, residual heat indicator and main switch.

It operates with magnetic (induction) iron pots and pans only and for an optimal heat distribution, the use of sandwich bottom cookware is recommended.

This appliance is manufacturer for household use only.

You may choose between a surface-mount installation or a flush installation and this cooktop can be perfectly combined with other Vario 400 series products.

It is not approved for outdoor use.

And this appliance must be properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician. Just connect only to properly grounded outlet.

3. Differences

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX491 guarantees you individual pot detection for each cooking surface and this is not available for Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480.

For CX480, you have a connecting cable of 1.5 m without a plug, while for CX491 model you get a connecting cable 60″ without plug (hardwire required).

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480 provides various pre-settings and so, you can adapt these pre-settings to your own needs.

You can switch the appliance’s signal tones on and off, set the duration of the short-term memory (as soon as you lift or move the cookware, all of the settings for the hotplate are saved for this amount of time) or use the appliance without the heating function for demonstration purposes (you have the Demo mode within 3 minutes of switching the appliance on).

4. Conclusion

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480 is perfect for those who want a modern kitchen: with a lot of features, you may learn to cook intuitively and this induction cooktop guides you throughout the whole cooking process facilitating your tasks.

Those who want a 36″ full surface induction cooktop for their new house may choose Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX491; it may not have as many functions as Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480, but certainly, will revolutionize your way of cooking and is more powerful (total rating 7.2 kW).

5. Comparison Table

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX480 Gaggenau Induction Cooktop CX491
Destination Use household use household use
Design Black ceramic glass cooktop Black ceramic glass cooktop
Power Source 120/60hz 120/60hz
Output Power maximum power output for big cookware of up to 4.4 kW total rating 7.2 kW
Power Levels 9 or 17 power levels 17 output levels
Temperature Levels N/A N/A
Programmable Timer Timer for each cooking position, Short-term timer Timer for each cooking position, Short-term timer
Function Lock Yes, child lock Yes, child lock
Warranty 2 years 2 years
Acoustic Warnings Yes, signal tone N/A
Weight N/A N/A
Dimensions Width 80 cm 36″
Cord Length a connecting cable of 1.5 m a connecting cable 60″
Glass Cooktop Size Sizes with a diameter of 90 to 340 mm are suitable cookware as small as 3″ and as large as 13″ x 21″
Safety Sensors Main switch.
Individual pot detection.
Residual heat indicator.
Child lock.
Display cleaning protection
Main switch.
Residual heat indicator.
Child lock.
Display cleaning protection.
Induction Cookware Sensor Yes Yes
Induction Overheat Sensor Yes Yes
Glass Cooktop Overheat N/A N/A
Free pan No No
Price >5000 USD ~ 6500 USD

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