Hard Anodized vs Ceramic – What Type of Pan Will You choose?

As you see, both hard anodized and ceramic coating cookware have amazing benefits and strengths. Both clearly have pros and cons, and depending on your own preferences and needs, you may choose one or the other. One thing is certain, you will not be disappointed by either.

Look up manufacturers’ websites and read about what specifically they have to offer. Read why certain features of either hard anodized or ceramic cookware are better than their competitors’. What we discussed above is shared among all hard anodized and ceramic products. Yet, these can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You may have to do your due diligence before you pick a final product.

Yet, hard anodized are ideal for high-temperature cooking, which is more typical for restaurants. These pans are very sturdy and can sustain aggressive handling and metal utensils, without getting scratched. If they can’t be scratched, this means that the surface remains intact for much longer, and therefore the cookware itself has a longer lifespan.

Ceramic products are perfect for you if you are health concerned, and want a non-stick option. No chemical leaching. Remember, the surface is much more delicate and you should use only wooden utensils while cooking. The variety of products will amaze you, but don’t be intimidated. Any product labeled “ceramic” will have the common features mentioned above.

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