Jonah Hill Gets Into Character for ‘Maniac’

Jonah Hill is coming to Netflix—but if you’re expecting him to look like he did in Superbad or 21 Jump Street, you should probably go back to your DVD collection.

Hot off of his incredible weight loss transformation, Hill is currently filming a Netflix series, Maniac, and he looks leaner than ever. We’ve seen him looking thinner and more athletic recently, but he looked almost unrecognizable as a tattooed gangster in an earlier batch of set photos.

In the upcoming dark comedy, helmed by True Detective cinematographer Cary Fukunaga and co-starring Emma Stone, Hill plays a mental patient who dreams of exploring fantasy worlds—a kind of manic Walter Mitty, except not as cuddly. It’s not exactly the kind of goofy buddy-comedy upon which Hill has built his career, but we’re excited to see him try something new.

Check out these photos of Hill from the set of Maniac, coming to Netflix in 2018.

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