Marshgrass Mamas reunite at the Pour House this weekend

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  • From Marshgrass Mamas’ Facebook

Sometimes you see a set of names on the same bill, and you’re all, what-the-what. But when you realize they’re all in the same band, well then there’s just no hesitation. You buy that ticket. You go that show. Such a show is happening Sat. Jan. 20 at the Pour House with the Marshgrass Mamas, who are opening for the Larry Keel Experience.

The Marshgrass Mamas are made up of the Hungry Monks’ Hazel Ketchum (guitar), The Lowhills’ Laurin Bevins (mandolin), Dolores Payne (banjo), Shovels & Rope’s Cary Ann Hearst, Chandler Marburg (fiddle), and Gina Perez (Cane Creek String Band). The latter three ladies are also three out of four members of the Butterbeans (the fourth being Michael Trent), who were most active in 2011, performing often at a Johns Island pizzeria.

As for the Marshgrass Mamas, well they must like pizza too — their debut was at Shorty’s Pizza and Petrol in Cainhoy, S.C. “You could dance all night to the Mamas and buy your live bait in the vending machines out front,” Ketchum says. “The Mamas went on to play regularly at Momma’s Blues Palace and open for great bluegrass artists like Sam Bush.”

These days, the Mamas play once or twice a year, so best catch ’em while you can. And don’t be late — music starts at 9 p.m.

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