Maxam KT17 Surgical and Waterless Stainless Cookware Review

What if you could cook without water? Wouldn’t it be incredible not having to pour out nutrients down the drain after boiling vegetables or cooking in hot oil that robs food its vital nutrients?

Well, this doesn’t have to be a dream anymore thanks to this Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element cookware set. This set of cooking pots and pans let you prepare all your meals without adding any water or wasting nutrients. More like green and clean cooking, right?

Cookware made of surgical material has been in existence for decades, but it isn’t as popular as anticipated. Part of the reason for this is the belief that stainless material burns food. The other reason is that few people are aware of this cookware.

However, you can expect this to change now that more people are looking for cooking methods that preserve nutrients, vitamins, flavors, and enzymes in the best way possible. Let’s read on for the Maxam KT17 review.

Maxam KT17 Waterless and Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware

What is Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware?

Surgical stainless steel cookware refers to pots and pans made using the grades of steel commonly used in biomedical applications. The most common form of surgical stainless steel is the austenitic 316 grade.

It is inert, non-reactive and noncorrosive. 316 grade refers to marine-grade. It is a chromium, nickel, and molybdenum alloy of steel. Because of the alloys used, it exhibits relatively high strength compared to other stainless steel alloys. It is safe hence its use in cookware.

What to Expect From Maxam KT17 9-Element Waterless Cookware Set

Ease of use

Unlike all other cookware known, this cookware set lets you cook without water. Though popular, cooking with water leaves you with less nutritious food. For this reason, waterless cooking is preferable, and this cookware set makes it possible.

Waterless cooking doesn’t involve any steam-pressure buildup in the cookware. Also, the temperature generated in the cookware is lower than the temperature needed for water to boil. This speeds up rather than slow down cooking.

This cookware set has ergonomic handles which give a firm and easy grip, as well as balance. They have double riveting. Straining holes also enhance the ease of use of the cookware.

Uninterrupted cooking

Unlike your ordinary cookware, they work better if uninterrupted. Interruption of the cooking process means that you have to cook food for a longer time than you would without interruption.

Controlling heat

Now, this is where all the magic or mystery happens. Too high heat means that the pan or pot evaporates the steams from the food and it all burns. Control is crucial, and this waterless cookware works best on medium rather than high heat. You have to be in control of the heat throughout the cooking process.  It has steam control valves as well

Using the right pan

The pan must be perfect. Any air pockets created when you use a pan larger than the food will destroy the vitamins in the food, possibly dry and burn the food.

Cooking with the set

Before you put in your ingredients, rinse them in cold water and drain them completely. This will remove chemicals and also allows water to cling to the food letting your food cook in their natural juices and steam.

When looking for stainless steel cookware consider the durability. You get the best by buying high-quality cookware from leading brands.

Features of Maxam KT17

Buying this cookware set gives you a 1.7qt, 2.5qt, and 3.2qt saucepans all with lids. You also get a 7.5qt. Roaster with a lid, a 11 3/8  inch skillet with a helper handle, and a double broiler unit with a capsulated bottom which you can use it as a 3qt saucepan.

The set also has five egg cups, a 5-hole utility rack and a high dome cover for the roaster or the skillet.

This cookware set is of premium quality as it has the best steam control waterless cooking system.

9-element design

This Maxam KT17 17-piece cookware set has an extra-heavy construction, and it is so durable that it lasts a lifetime. The 9-element construction enhances heat distribution letting you whip up anything you crave. The thick aluminum base increases its functionality in terms of heat conduction and distribution. You also get to stack cook.

Though waterless and surgical, this cookware is still made of steel. The alloys used to increase the heat conductivity of the metal. The alloys also prevent corrosion and reactivity. The pans and pots have impact-bonded aluminum bases for fast heating and heat distribution.


This is a forever cookware set. The company trusts it hence the lifetime warranty. This is because of the use of the materials in the construction of the cookware set. As mentioned above, it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It will not rust even after years of use.

Ergonomic handles

The pots, pans, and skillets have handles made using a heat, cold, and detergent resistant material. The handles’ aesthetic design completes the elegant look of this set. The ergonomic design gives you a good grip.

The only downside is that the handles get damaged if used in the oven.

Steam control valves

The lids have steam control valves which make waterless cooking easy. This cookware set makes for the healthiest cooking because you won’t have to use oil if you don’t want to.

Attractive aesthetics

The cookware set has an attractive mirror finish on the exterior and a satin finish on the interior. This combination leaves you with a sleek, classic, and an elegant cookware set.


  • Cooks fast, and it is easy to clean
  • Healthier due to cooking without using water
  • Able to distribute heat evenly
  • Durable, and it looks as good as new after years of use
  • Has a beautiful and a classy interior and exterior finish.
  • Cheaper than other similar cookware
  • Easy to remove food and grime if it sticks.


  • It isn’t recommended for use in the oven because the handles may get damaged.
  • Food will burn if you don’t control the heat
  • You have to handwash the valves and the lids.

Users have seen their cooking frequency increase since getting the Maxam cookware. One user has bought this set in 2013 and only used it recently. She regretted that she did not use it earlier.


For durable service in the kitchen and high cooking consistency, you should get this cookware set. Being a waterless cookware set, Maxam KT17 cooks well under low heat, and it retains all the moisture, nutrients, vitamins and flavor. You also get to work on any recipe with this Maxam stainless steel cookware set.

Keep in mind that this cookware set is non-stick or sticky depending on how you use it. For a non-stick feel, put in all your ingredients before heating it up. Otherwise, food will stick if you add ingredients when it is already hot.

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