Men's Fitness spirit awards 2017: The year's best whiskey, tequila, liqueur, cognac, and gin

Erin Alexander


Best New Spirits 2017

There’s nothing like New Year’s celebrations to make you feel like reflecting on what you’ve accomplished in the past 12 months. Getting down to 7% body fat, achieving that abdominal V, finally asking out the girl of your dreams—you get the idea.

But you know what? Even if you haven’t sculpted that rippling six-pack (yet!), you’ve probably accomplished plenty that deserves a toast. And that’s the other best part of New Year’s: drinking high-quality spirits and celebrating the people who produce them.


So if you’re going to drink, you might as well drink the good stuff. But what makes a delicious spirit? Some are perfect soloists, playing all the right notes with nothing more than a nice block of ice and cool glass. Others are ensemble players—the cheery friends that round out a great party. And a few defy categorization, carving out new places on our bar carts where we didn’t think we’d ever see a spirit dare to venture.

This is what’s making its way onto our glasses in 2017—and, hopefully, yours. Cheers to your impeccable taste.


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