Holiday Purity Pits

I have not one, but TWO incredibly great deals for you — But Hurry, deal ends tonight!


I know, I know…I’m getting this out to you super late today, but hey — I’ve been shopping! ? There are so many incredible deals out there today, but I have a few more that I think you might like!

I am super excited (and by super excited I mean over the moon excited) to announce my new deodorant line — PURITY PITS!

This formula has taken me over a year to perfect and I am FINALLY ready to release it to the world!  Let me tell you a little about this natural deodorant…

A new kind of natural deodorant!


Are you one of the many who’s tried natural deodorants only to find that they don’t work for you, or even worse, that they make you break out with a painful rash?

I’ve been there, trust me!  That is why I’ve spent the last year working on perfecting the best handcrafted sensitive skin deodorant made with only natural and organic ingredients.

This deodorant is 100% free of any harmful chemicals, and the best part — it will keep you fresh and dry All.Day.Long!

Holiday Purity Pits Gift

Get 25% Off Purity Pits Today Only!


You need to check this out, TRUST ME! Today only we are offering Purity Pits for 25% off the retail price!

Just use coupon code: MondayMadness25 at checkout and you will be on your way to naturally get rid of your stinkies once and for all!

Click here to order your jar TODAY!

It’s what we’ve been waiting for…seriously!


Get $10 Off My New Book Natural Solutions For Cleaning & Wellness

natural-solutions-book-copyDid you like natural solution? If so, you’ll love my new book! I’ve written this book so that you can help yourself and your family transition into a Toxic-Free life!

Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness is dedicated to giving you the information you need to remove toxins from your home and supply you with natural remedies to protect your health. This practical guide gives you in-depth solutions on how to protect yourself and your loved ones for generations to come.

Receive my NEW book: Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness for $10 off when you spend $25 or more in book purchases from Amazon!

Now my book is not over $20, but you can add another inexpensive print book that you’ve been holding out for and you can pretty much get 2 books for the price of one!

Pretty cool deal, right? Just use coupon code: HOLIDAYBOOK when you checkout with Amazon and you’ll have yourself a great deal!

You can purchase my book here!


You can view more details on Amazon’s Promotion Details here.

A Sneak Peek Into Natural Solutions for Cleaning & Wellness!


This book has over 140 great recipes that are super easy to make with everyday ingredients!  Here is a sample of a few solutions featured in this book!

Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness Book |

Toxic-Free No-Wick Candle


Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness Book |

All Natural Deodorant


Natural Solutions for Cleaning and Wellness Book |

Grease-Free Lotion

No fancy ingredients…just everyday, easy to find ingredients.  This book is a must have for EVERY household! Learn more details here.


Hurry, Sale Ends Today!


Okay, so there are my goodies!  This certainly is a flash sale, so get it while you can! ?

Sale ends November 29 at 2:59 AM EST! (Hey That’s tonight, so hurry)!

Happy shopping!




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