NFL Playoffs 2018 Wild Card Weekend Game Preview

Oh, man: Two teams that have been dying to get in the postseason will finally quench their playoff thirst come Sunday. The Jags haven’t played meaningful football in January since 2007, while the Bills just ended the longest playoff drought of any team in the four major U.S. sports (1999). Take a look at the pure joy of the team and Buffalonians in general. Yep, 18 years out of the tournament will do that to you.

The even-Steven Jags have seen a resurgence this year thanks to a revamped front office, and have almost as many wins this year (10) as they did in the previous three years combined (11).

Meanwhile, Buffalonians have been showing their gratitude to the Bengals for beating the Ravens last Sunday, which put the Bills into the playoffs.

It’s a damn shame one of these teams, and its fans, will have to go home.

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