Photos: Jonah Hill Looks Unrecognizable With Braided Hair and Tattoos on ‘Maniac’ Set

We’ve been talking a lot about Jonah Hill’s incredible body transformation lately—and for good reason. The hilarious actor shed a ton of weight to reveal a lean, athletic new figure, and we were pretty damn impressed.

And while the notorious funny guy has stayed committed to keeping the weight off, that doesn’t mean he’s done transforming.

Hill has been spotted on the set of his latest project, Maniac, which also happens to star actress Emma Stone (the last time the two were seen on-screen together was in the 2007 comedy Superbad), rocking a variety of styles from different decades.

First, he sported an ’80s-style mullet and showed off his leaned-out physique in shorts and football jersey. Now he’s got long, braided hair and a body covered in tattoos. And while we’re confused (and just a little bit terrified) by the star’s new look, we’re guessing it’s probably got something to do with the plot behind Maniac—the Netflix-produced series follows a man, played by Hill, in a mental institution who lives out a rich fantasy life in his dreams.

At least, that’s what we’re hoping. Check out these unrecognizable photos of Hill on the Maniac set.

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