Presto-06850-16-inch-Electric-Skillet Review

Presto 06850 16-inch Electric SkilletHave you ever wanted to make many kinds of food not only for yourself but also for your family or friends, but you are so worried about complex steps or actually do not know how to? Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet can absolutely ease all your worries. Now, with this best electric skillet your daily menu would be very diversified as well as tasty. You will definitely feel roasts, fries, grills, stews, bakes, casseroles… are such easy dishes to make. On the other hand, the functional skillet is also a backup equipment when your stove is broken. Do not think that it is just wonderful for your kitchen because of its effective and awesome design; it can also be a great gift, especially for daughter or son in college. So, why are you still hesitating to spend a reasonable amount of money to buy happiness and convenience in life?

Fantastic decoration in nonstick surface with heavy cast-aluminum base

One of biggest concerns of a cook about the meal is how much oil does he/ she has to use. You certainly never like too much oil for your roast beef, French-fries, pork chop or grilled fish. It must waste lots of your oil and be unhealthy. With Presto 06850 Electric Skillet, you can be happy to serve those dishes using the minimum amount of oil. How come? Because it is designed with nonstick surface. Furthermore, the nonstick surface will let your cooking be perfect as it may not leave any leftover on the surface. That means your dish both smells and looks delicious. Besides, you do not have to struggle with cleaning at all. Thing gets easier and quicker now.

Control master heat control: different time but same taste

Everyone loves enjoying meals with their beloved people. Sometimes you cannot do it inasmuch as you are so busy. Let picture that you are in charge of cooking and your family members or friends could not have a meal with you. And of course, you really hope they will have a meal as hot and tasty as you do. The skillet has a function which fits you: control master heat control that maintains accurate temperatures. With this useful function, you do not have to pay a lot of attention to the time and have a chance to share the joy of dining with the ones you care about.

More pleasant with its cover and handles

Perfect kitchen equipment must be functional and well-designed. So this best electric skillet is. It is assured that its cover will not dent, warp, peel or bend. The sturdy lid may let you feel comfortable and safe when cooking. Moreover, the stay-cool handles will protect your hands from getting burned like the traditional equipments. Now, you can forget about carrying hot handle mitts with you all the time. Such excellent cover obviously minimizes the risks while you are preparing meals. In additional, a dishwasher is safe to use to clean it. You cannot be more pleasant with our product.

Other noticeable features

  • This luxury skillet was built to North American Electrical Standards so feel free to use it without concerning about its quality.
  • Its domestic supply is 120 volts and 60Hz only.
  • The inside of the pan is 3 inches deep and the lid is 4 inches deep so that you have a lot of space for your food.
  • Although, the size is slightly larger, it is not heavy, therefore; it is easy to move around.
  • Another benefit of this product which makes it different from other brands is it does not get too hot and then releases the heat too fast; that means it always maintains the even temperature.
  • With heavy cast-aluminum base, the skillet is the best choice for people who want to own a long-lasting product.

Presto 06850 16-Inch Electric Skillet got 230 reviews from customers and there are many more positive comments than the negative ones. Specifically, customers scored 5 stars account for 74%, 4 stars account for 16%, 3 stars account for 5%, 2 stars account for 3% and 1 star account for 2%. As you can see, the outcome reveals great satisfaction from customers on this product.

What customers like about this product

Long-lasting and indispensable product

Many of them has used this brand for more than 10 years and still are so satisfied about it that they want to buy another one for their kitchen. Some of them feel that it is just like a part of their home and brings back memory. It is considered to be a thoughtful gift for family members too, for example for father-in-law when going camping or daughter/ son when going to college.

The size is perfect as well as clean-up is so easy

The skillet meets the buyers’ needs by its size. From the inside view, it is spacious to accommodate plenty of food. In contrast, from the outside view, it is designed to take small space in your kitchen. In addition, the nonstick surface would make the clean-up become so easier than ever. You no longer struggle with the food sticking on the surface and make lots of effort to remove all of them.

Great price, great product  

Customers are very pleased when they have a product which works well and has a reasonable price. They think it is really worth to buy it. With the best electric skillet, they satisfy about it from the start to the end. To be clearer, from the time customers begin to get it, they love its outlook till they use it; they love it more because of all its beneficial functions and useful design.

Those are positive reviews from clients, nevertheless some worries about the nonstick surface. They wish to get a thicker nonstick surface thereby they can use it freely and do not have to pamper it too much. Others care about the cord which was reported to be quite short and regret that it has no rubber feet.

In general, Presto 06850 16-inch Electric Skillet gains more compliments than complains as its luxury design and advantageous functions. Therefore. It is worth ranking among the best electric skillets.

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