Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Skillet Review

Presto 06857

 When I was a kid, I always loved my mother’s dishes and I could feel that the love could start from the dinner of each family. When all the members of the family are eating and talking about the issues of their life or society or country or the world. And the main reason to keep the family always have dinner together is that the food must be great. My mom is a great “chef” and I learned how to cook well from her. I started cooking when I was 18 years old. Until now, I have been cooking more than 15 years. And I have used many pans, skillets, spots. Some made me satisfied and some just annoyed me. So I have good experience in using pans, skillets, spots…And when I read a marketing article about Presto electric skillets, I was impressed by Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Skillet. After a few months I have to recognize that Presto 06857 is the best electric skillet that I have ever use. Let me tell you the reason.

Features of Presto 06857

  • Nonstick surface deluxe: The base was cast with heavy aluminum so it makes the nonstick surface deluxe. You can fry, roast, grill, stew, bake…with all kinds of food. Normally, if you cook with a pan, when the food is brown, it always sticks some food on the pan. But it does not happen to this skillet.
  • Convenient built-in pour spout: The electric skillet was designed with the built-in pour spout so I can pour the soup into the bowl easily. Not like other skillets, the soup always flows out of the bowl because they do not have a built-in pour spout.
  • Perfect design: And the base and the handle are so simple to clean and store. The size is 16 inches so very flexible for all kinds of dishes. I can also get extra cooking and serving capacity and it can save energy because it has a better efficiency than an oven or a range burner. If you use an oven, you must pay for the power bill double price, because the oven always “eats” much more power than this skillet. You know that the price for the power is more and more expensive, so this is a good choice for you to save your budget.
  • Used as an equipment to serve: if you use an oven you can not use it to serve obviously, right? So the producer knows that weak point, then they created the size which is suitable to put on a table at the dinner. And the skillet can be used like an equipment to serve. Now you can dismiss your oven.
  • Wonderful cover and handles: I like the tempered glass cover and the cool handles specially, because I can see anything is happening in the skillet while I am cooking. So I can handle any issue happens to the food. The design is so perfect! The handles can fold down and detach the skillet from the base so you can store the base and handles in the skillet easily, very convenient!


So you can see that this skillet is multifunctional for cooking.  I can roast, fry, grill, stew, bake…. with all kinds of foods with this electric skillet. Which skillet can be convenient like this deluxe skillet?

The skillet was delivered in wonderful condition.  When I use this skillet to cook, I really forget the time and the hard things that I often get when cooking. The heating control is so great, it is sealed at the bottom of the skillet so it can heat the pan more efficiently so there is no wasted energy. I cooked chicken breast with spicy sauce and I got the best result finally. Cleaning up is so easy. Then I test the skillet with fries. I fry some fishes and it is so amazing when the fishes are cooked so perfectly. French toast cooked so well also. The surface of the skillet is 16 inches so I can do pancakes and other dishes. The glass cover helps me to see the food clearly during cooking, I really love it! The side hole helps to let the moisture escape easily and allow the skillet to cool fast before I soak it up in the water so the non-stick surface can have a long life.


And I also would like to tell you the disadvantages of this electric skillet. In the catalogue, it was written that it is safe for the dishwasher, but it is not so true. I put the skillet in the dishwasher and the covering on the underneath was rubbed off.

And it is also easy to be broken if you drop it. So you must be very careful when cooking with it. Therefore, if you are not a type of careful person, please do not buy it.


I have been cooking more than 15 years, so I have good experience in choosing good kitchen equipments. And my children and husband always love what I cook. I often organize small parties at my house on weekends and invite my friends, neighbors to come, and they always love my dishes. And I have a simple dream that is to open a small restaurant for everybody who has the passion of eating and drinking food around the world like me. And I promised that I will equip this product in my kitchen.

So if you still consider to buy Presto 06857, then you just waste your time. Because you cannot find any skillet like this one. It is almost perfect, because the convenience, the beauty, smartness …all gather in this skillet. So you should not think that you will take risk with this skillet, just think the big benefit of it, that is an equipment to help your family have a joyful dinner . So what are you waiting for? Just grab the best electric skillet on the world!

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