Proctor Silex 38526 Electric Skillet Review

Quality 2-in-1 electric skillet at great price

Proctor Sillex 38526 Electric SkilletThis electric skillet is recommended for everyone like me – love easy peasy cooking, newlywed couple preferring budget cookwares, limited time to cook . For me, it’s the best electric skillet so far! It heats quickly with controllable temperature, combining a cookware and serving dish, excellent for all-purpose cooking and easy to clean.

Heats rapidly – Convenient especially for afterwork cooking

The first thing comes to my mind. I love this fast-and-furious approach as much as people love fast food.

It heats within a few minutes, which helps me a lot for both breakfast and dinner. For a newlywed couple busy making money from 9 to 8 for our journey ahead, our time together is limited. So, cooking shouldn’t be taking so much time.

Fried eggs in the morning are common to us. Our favorite breakfast is sandwiches with fried eggs, peanut butter and tomato slices. The skillet gets hot very quickly, it takes just 1 or 2 minutes I guess, another 1 minute to fry eggs, and the breakfast is ready in total 7 minutes. How cool is that!

And after a long working day, dinner comes, I expect the afterwork cooking to be easy and time-saving, since you know the drill, dinner is about cooking and eating less, cleaning less of course, for a good night sleep. Less is more, I don’t have to spend much time in the kitchen, and have a little bit more time for self-care.

Wide temperature range from 200 to 400oF

Controlling temperature also matters when talking about an electric cookware. The manufacturer says you can keep your food warm, or even fry your family’s favorite food with the skillet. There is no doubt that keeping warm makes sure that your dish remains hot and tempting till the meal ends. Thus, you don’t have to go back and forth from your table to the kitchen. But I don’t do much of the frying actually, somehow I believe the deep fryer will do a better job at this.

2-in-1 cookware, a traditional skillet + serving dish

Another super-duper cool thing about this skillet is to keep your food warm during family meals. We usually have a family gathering on weekends, around 7-8 people. We prepare 4 dishes normally – an appetizer, 2 main dishes and dessert. Before the skillet, we serve one single dish at a time, to make sure that they are all at a warm temperature. As you know, a cookware also a covered serving dish that helps your food remain at a serving temperature is wonderful, because going back and forth for next dishes to reheat and serve on plates can sometimes decrease your appetite.

Great to make almost all of our favorite dishes

Me and my husband love beef soup, stir fry noodles and vegetable. This cookware deliver an excellent performance that we’ve always wanted.

When simmering the sugary soup with lots of tomatoes, potatoes and ketchup,  my pan usually let me down. The heat is not evenly distributed, so I have to stir the soup until it’s well cooked, and watch out all the time.

With the skillet, easy peasy, just need to adjust the right temperature to simmer, and no worry about the overcooked exterior or undercooked center. I’m talking about potatoes, particularly. The thing is that, we love potatoes freaking bad, so I add them to almost every soup recipes. Sometimes it may cause a problem because there are too many of them. They don’t absorb enough heat when using the pan. But then, the skillet is here, and I simmer soup with our favorite ingredient without breaking a sweat.

For the stir fry noodles or veggie, they are even more tasty. When sauteing, traditionally, I have to shake the pan, making the food jump, to ensure it cooks on all sides. The skillet already remains under temperature control, keep calm and carry on. Veggie of many kinds are added, yet they are all cooked perfectly and moistly.

Nonstick surface, easy to clean

When it comes down to the cleaning up part, because of its nonstick surface, I recommend gentle handwash with warm soapy water. Then you’re done. By the way, warm soapy water works for every cookware, not only the skillet, it deals with oil and fat just fine. If you have a dishwasher? Don’t worry, it’s dishwasher safe.

Small size to serve 2 or 3 people daily

Its size is enough to cook for a couple – whenever you prepare hamburgers, chicken soup for breakfast, or beefsteak with French fries, stir fry noodles, fried rice for dinner. It’s also convenient to bring it to the table to have warm food until you finish your meal. You don’t need to have 2 or more plates on the table since you can serve right on the skillet. For the small size, it won’t take much table space.

There’s a glass lid – Say goodbye to lifting the lid and release the heat

The glass lid lets you check how food is cooked inside and adjust the temperature right on time. Not having to lifting it, you won’t let the heat out, especially when cooking soup or rice.

I can say this is the best electric skillet at a very reasonable price in the market for now. It serves all my cooking purposes and helps me save preparing time. I can cook almost everything with it, use it for preparing food and also keeping family meals warm, without having to serve meals on plates and doubling my cleaning.

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