Rival CKRVSK11 electric skillet Review

Rival CKRVSK11 11-Inch Square Electric Skillet, BlackThis small and portable device that comes from Rival brand is one of the best electric skillets with basic function and attractive price that you should consider when searching for a good skillet. There are some criteria for considering a good electric skillet and we go through it with this model.

Cooking Capacity

The first thing we should consider for a good electric skillet is its’ dimension and depth. Depend on you type and amount of food which you often cook, you could decide how big your device will be. You probably do not want your food is not cooked evenly or get burned.

While this Rival model only has 11 inches wide and approximately 2.5 inches deep, this one is one of the smallest electric skillets on the market nowadays. With the ease of use and compact design, this product is suitable for any people who live alone or with small sized family. It can be used well to cook steak, rice or any breakfast foods. If you intend to use this product, you should know that it heats up very quickly and if you do not keep attention, it can burn food. You also should know that when this model is an inexpensive appliance, and it is made of thin metal (not heavy-duty steel or aluminum), so it transmits heat quite fast. It might cause some uneven cooked food if you use it in the high temperature setting. Most users find out that the solution for this issue would be that you should cook food at lower temperature for a better result.


No one likes to replace their appliance every 1 or 2 years with a new one; and electric skillet is not an exception. It seems that most people like a skillet with a Teflon surface (non-stick surface), but this kind of material is more likely to fake off into food.

This Rival skillet has a pattern of Teflon erosion. While this product has a reasonable price, customer tends to not consider seriously about replacing. They could replace a new one every couple of years. Some customers said that if you want to keep your skillet last long and the surface does not erode, you might want to do as the below step. After cooking you should soak the skillet for about 10 minutes, drains the water, and clean the device with a paper towel. Because it seems that Teflon surface is more likely to erode after time of using, you should try the gentlest cleaning way to keep it last long. Although manufacturer said that we could put this model into a dishwasher when the temperature control is removed, it might not a good way to keep this Rival product last long.

Other Features

Some other features beside basic feature of an electric skillet such as temperature setting, ease of cleaning, safety options are also important for users when choosing a good electric skillet.

The two standout features of this Rival model are the portable size and reasonable price. Manufacturer has already said that we could clean this appliance in the dishwasher, but when this products’ surface is made of non-stick Teflon, you should probably clean it by hand. You should know that erode the Teflon cooking surface is a common problem with the most non-stick skillets, and this product is no exception. When this day, most people are looking for a non-stick pan and this model comes with cheap price, so it’s might be acceptable for users to purchase this product.

Some great features that skillet has offered might attract to most customers like cool-touch handle, stay-cool knob, or glass lid with steam venting. All the features will ensures user’s safety. For example, with cool-touch handle, you could move the skillet around while cooking, or with steam venting in glass lid will prevent food to split out. With the compact and elegant design and lightweight, this appliance would suitable for putting on the table or used in the buffet.

This skillet might be one of the most portable devices than some other models in your shortlist. Using this product for a social or family gathering event is a great ideal when you could provide hot and instant food. A little reminder that this skillet tend to heat up quickly, you should be cautious the hot lid and skillet body when cooking with this device.


The price of electric skillets might vary from $30 to over $300, and you should depend on you need and requirement to choose an appropriate product. Although this Rival model is not have many additional features or best using experience compared to other competitors, the strength of it is reasonable price. You only have to spend around 30 buck for a basic electric skillet with thin metal design which heats up quickly, suitable for putting on the table or a buffet line, and last for a couple of years. You can carry it around home or any places you want because it has compact and lightweight design. The only reason for replacing this model is that when customers face with the issue of wears off non-stick coating, some people might face this problem sooner than others. But you still do thing to prevent the non-stick coating from flaking off by handle a clean gently the appliance and using proper washing techniques with Teflon-safe utensils.

Most user like the fact that this device is dishwasher-safe item with cool touch handles. However the lid might get quite hot while cooking. Portable and light product is a great ideal for any buffet parties.


Overall, this Rival 11-inch unit is one of the best electric skillets in this price range. This appliance will satisfy you basic requirement for cooking and it could last long if you know how to handle it properly. It’s a good item for any consumers who prefer the simply and reasonable price. Just a small tip at the end of this article is that if you intend to use this skillet, you should the lower temperature setting while cooking.


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