Strength Exercises for Obstacle Course Races

Last fall, Spartan pro David Magida opened Elevate Interval Fitness (, a boutique group-training facility in Washington, D.C. To build prelaunch hype, he began conducting an OCR training program in Rock Creek Park, the city’s sprawling 1,700-acre wilderness. The class proved wildly popular, attracting lawyers, politicos, and other pros for 90-minute sufferfests of hauling sandbags up hills, running off-trail and through streams, and crawling under picnic tables.

“People don’t want to train for a marathon anymore,” Magida says. “Or they do it once, it’s off the bucket list, and they wonder, ‘What’s next?’ Obstacle racing is truly an adventure.”

Of course, in-between the adventurous stuff were the bodyweight exercises that can transform a lump of flesh into a proficient, strong, obstacle-tackling machine. We asked Magida for his top OCR-prep exercises.

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