The 10 Best Octane Boosters

Do you want to maximize the performance of your engine and prolong its life? If so, then you have probably considered using fuel additives. Whether you’re preparing for a race or simply want to improve your everyday car use, fuel additives, especially octane boosters, can improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance, enhance compression, and produce a smoother running engine.

One of the main benefits of octane boosters is that they help your engine run at peak performance for longer periods of time, and they even serve as an inexpensive alternative for premium gas. They can also prolong the life of your engine by preventing the negative effects of pre-ignition. However, they vary in purpose and frequency of use. It’s important to figure out whether an additive is meant exclusively for off-road racing, a specific gasoline blend, or even a specific type of engine.

To sort it all out, we put together a list of the best octane boosters on the market that will give you a better idea of which products best suit your engine. Can your vehicle take more? We think so. It’s just a matter of finding out what’s right for your engine’s needs.

Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

Why we like it: A booster and cleaner that works on your everyday car as well as all-terrain vehicles including utility vehicles, street and off-road motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, and more!

The 20oz Techron Concentrate and Fuel System Cleaner cleans, restores, and protects the entire fuel system (fuel injectors, carburetors, intake valves and combustion chambers). It optimizes your MPG every time you fill up your tank by allowing your engine to perform more efficiently without overworking it. There are three major things it will accomplish for your engine: restore, reduce, and improve. First, it will restore any lost power, acceleration, lost fuel economy, and operation of the fuel gauge sensor. Second, it will reduce rough idle, engine surge, hesitation, and spark plug fouling. Last but not least, it will improve cold start performance and fuel stability for up to one year.

This powerful fuel additive also cleans, in addition to optimizing, your engine by removing carbon deposits left behind. Engines can only work at their best if they are clean, and deposit formation may be preventing your engine from working at its peak performance. Techron will clean as well as prevent deposit formation, resulting in a full restoration of your engine’s performance. As if that was not enough, this additive is effective on a wide range of gasoline engines, street and off-road, which includes: Automobiles, trucks, boats, RVs, lawn care, watercrafts, motorcycles, and dirt bikes. It is recommended that you use this on your car or truck every 3,000 miles or every time you change your oil. Ensuring maximum performance and fuel economy just became more attainable with Techron.

Torco High Octane Accelerator

Why we like it: The following octane booster is one of the best fuel additives on the market because it provides a noticeably smooth idle and acceleration.

Torco High Octane Accelerator is best used as a race fuel concentrate and will raise your octane up to 105 if desired. However, you can customize it and blend it according to your needs. Because it is primarily used on engines meant for racing, it will prove effective during the off-season or during winter storage by providing the highest octane as your engine requires it. But once you get to try it on the road, you will realize this additive makes your car stronger and your engine smoother, to the point that you may forget your engine is even running.

With Torco, you will also see an immediate increase in throttle response and improved MPG, essentially bringing your car back to life! Unlike other misleading octane boosters, this one will increase your octane by 3 points rather than .3. Forget about that dreaded pinging and detonation under a certain load or speed. All you’ll have to do is blend in this booster which will make your fuel burn more completely and release all the power that your engine has to offer. When you introduce this real octane booster to your engine, you will feel your engine running cleaner, smoothly, and more efficiently without the need to use race gas.

Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster and Stabilizer

Why we like it: This additive saves your gas mileage by giving your engine an extra boost that you will be able to feel.

The 16-oz Royal Purple Max-Boost is a comprehensive treatment for your fuel that is meant to replace lead additives for the protection of non-hardened valve seats. It raises your octane rating up to 30 points or 3 numbers and restores power and fuel economy while cleaning carbon deposits from fuel injectors. At the same time, it reduces power loss due to knock-retard in computer-controlled vehicles, and also reduces engine knocking or pinging while stabilizing your fuel. Keep in mind that Max-Boost is a racing formula, and it is therefore not street legal. This high-performance octane booster contains a fuel treatment that increases gasoline octane, reduces emissions, and enhances engine performance while stabilizing your fuel.

Max-Boost is formulated with MMT, which delivers the best octane enhancement to help eliminate engine-damaging detonation, pre-ignition, and pinging or knocking from low octane gasoline. Its formula is also great for engines equipped with carburetors, port fuel injection and direct injection, as well as turbocharged, supercharged, and nitrous-injected engines. It is safe for use in leaded and unleaded gasolines, alternate fuels like gasohol and reformulated gasoline, and all ethanol blends. Performance engine oils contain higher levels of phosphorus as an anti-wear additive, which can accumulate in catalytic converters and reduce their effectiveness. That is one more reason to use Max-Boost. It is perfectly safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters as it provides protection against phosphorus poisoning.

104+ Octane Boost

Why we like it: The original octane booster, this additive will boost your engine’s power, increase mileage, clean fuel injectors, and reduce pinging and knocking.

Have you noticed your emissions control and carbon warning light coming on? This is likely due to carbon buildup. This is not uncommon and can be easily addressed with a quality additive like 104+ Octane Boost which comes with additional benefits. When you try this booster, you will not only optimize your engine’s performance but will also clean the complete fuel system. What’s also great about its formula is that it reduces hesitation and is perfectly safe for catalytic converters as well as oxygen sensors. This octane booster works best on turbo or supercharged engines and any heavily modified vehicles.

This 16-oz formula is great for a single use. We recommend that you add the entire contents of the bottle to your gas tank and then fill it with fuel. A single bottle can treat up to 18 gallons, and you can safely use it on all gasoline blends including ethanol. While one use may not sound like enough, it is one of the least expensive options on the market when blended properly. Because this additive works best with regular rather than premium gasoline, you will see a distinct improvement when you fill your tank with regular gas. Not only is blending it with regular gas more efficient, but it is also much cheaper than filling your tank with high octane fuel. It’s time to try out this must have!

Klotz Octane Booster

Why we like it: This versatile additive does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it on any vehicle that uses gasoline.

The Octane Booster can increase gasoline octane up to 10 numbers. All you need is one ounce of Octane Booster per gallon of gasoline to achieve higher MPG and improve your overall engine performance. Your car will run better and your engine will run cleaner and smoother too.
Octane Booster is also great for cleaning your injectors and carburetor. This high-performance additive modifies the burn speed and flash point of gasoline, creating a stable combustion chamber flame front and maximizing performance power. Klotz also eliminates engine damaging detonation, spark knock, pre-ignition, and pinging from low-octane gasoline. It has been around for a long time and works as well as Torco on practically any vehicle.

While the 16-oz bottle is enough to make your vehicle come alive by giving it that extra boost it needs, there is also a one gallon option available for only $50 that will last a while longer depending on your specific needs. Another thing to consider is that Klotz Octane Booster is primarily recommended for gasoline or ethanol enriched fuels. But regardless of which fuel you mix it with, its formula is especially made to absorb moisture and contains a tetraethyl lead substitute for added lubricity, which will stabilize the flame front and control burn speed to maximize your mileage.

Lucas Octane Boost

Why we like it: This versatile additive does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it on any vehicle that uses gasoline.

Lucas Octane Booster has been tested and proven to deliver three times more boost than most brands and will enhance your engine performance. It’s safe for turbos, oxygen sensors, and catalytic converters. It will stop knocks and raise MPG in high compression engines. Lucas Octane Booster contains specific upper cylinder lubricants that ensure easier piston travel and valve seat protection. In addition, it ensures maximum life and performance from pumps, injectors, and carburetors, making it an ideal additive for use in fuel injected and carbureted engines. Another added benefit that makes this a great product is that its formula promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions.

But that’s not all! This concentrated additive also eliminates spark knocks, pinging, and dieseling. So at the same time that its formula promotes a cleaner fuel burn and fewer emissions, it also boosts your MPG. It is recommended that you use this every time you fill up for maximum performance and fuel mileage in the long run. Lucas Octane Booster comes in a variety of packaging to choose from depending on the vehicle you own. You can find it in 2-oz, 5.25-oz, and 15-oz bottles, and each 15-oz bottle will treat up to 25 gallons of leaded or unleaded gasoline. We do not recommend using this on 2-stroke engines, but otherwise the sky’s the limit!

STP Octane Booster

Why we like it: This two-in-one, premium formula boosts octane and effectively cleans the fuel intake system in order to fully restore lost performance.

Are you looking to maximize your fuel efficiency and avoid problems such as rough idling, weak acceleration, stumbling, and stalling? Then STP Octane Booster is the right product for you. STP Octane Booster is formulated to help restore horsepower and acceleration by removing carbon deposits and cleaning the fuel intake system. On top of that, these redesigned fuel additive bottles are compatible with cap-less fuel tanks, depending on your vehicle. This product is particularly great on small engines. If you’re thinking about replacing your car altogether because it doesn’t seem to run like it used to, you can forget about it. Using STP will make your car feel like you’ve upgraded.

Not unlike other products we recommended, STP will also reduce the cost of increased performance when blended with regular gas, so you can skip expensive premium gas for good. There are three things to take away from STP: Its two-in-one formula will boost octane and clean the fuel intake system, restore power and acceleration, and cut down on knocking and pinging. We recommend that you use this regularly or at every fill up. A 5.25-oz bottle can treat up to 21 gallons and a 12-oz bottle can treat up to 28 gallons. Whether you want to increase your horsepower or want smoother transitions when changing gears, STP will leave a lasting impression.

Maxpower Mechanic In A Bottle Gas Treatment

Why we like it: This gas treatment truly is a mechanic in a bottle that serves as an octane booster and system cleaner especially, made for your power equipment.

Are you tired of rebuilding old carburetors? Mechanic in a Bottle treats your fuel and cleans your engine so that it runs like new. Forget about wasting hours rebuilding when you can quickly fix engines without having to remove the carburetor when you use this gas treatment. It also reconditions rubber and plastic components, rejuvenates rubber gaskets that may have dried out from ethanol, removes water that causes corrosion and poor running, and restores old, decayed fuel by breaking down carbon deposits and adding an octane booster to replace lost octane. One thing to keep in mind is that this synthetic fuel additive works best in your power equipment with 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.

If you stick to using this additive on small engine fuel, it will work miracles in terms of equalizing the ethanol and removing all varnish in the fuel system. Mechanic In A Bottle rejuvenates your equipment’s fuel system so that it starts efficiently and operates in top condition. When using this treatment, mix some gas and prime the engine, then let it idle for a few minutes to see the difference. Remember that this product is not a replacement for 2-cycle oil, but it will certainly keep your engine in top working condition and help you avoid repairs and downtime. Now, anytime you need to mow the lawn or use your snowblower, Mechanic in a Bottle can be your secret weapon.

Mag 1 Premium Octane Boost

Why we like it: If you want to boost your savings as much as your engine’s performance, this octane booster is well-suited to meet your and your engine’s needs.

Avoid the pain and trouble of premium gas prices while still getting the quality mileage and performance you want with Mag 1 Premium Octane Boost. Formulated with jet fuel, this additive boosts power and acceleration, and it eliminates annoying knocking, pinging, and run-on due to low quality gasoline. Whether you have a supercharged engine or not, you will see a noticeable difference when you blend in this octane booster. Your engine will once again run as smoothly and feel as powerful as you want it. Not only will you see a smoothing of rough idle and knock regardless of the conditions, but you will also experience significant cost savings with this product.

Additionally, Mag 1 Premium Octane Boost is formulated with FMX which reduces engine friction and improves fuel economy. Its specially blended formula is meant to economically increase fuel octane level. Only the most concentrated fuel additives like Mag can meet the challenges and demands of your engine, particularly when balancing its performance, strength, and durability. For only $30 you can get a pack of twelve 12-oz bottles of this octane booster, which also happens to work well on a variety of vehicles including: All-terrain vehicles, utility vehicles, street sport motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, street motor scooters, snowmobiles, and even marine personal craft.

Turbo 108 Octane Boost

Why we like it: A quality octane booster that can make any engine sing. Turbo will improve your car’s engine efficiency by kicking your gas up a notch.

Turbo 108 Octane Boost eliminates engine knock, hesitation, and stalling by increasing your engine’s octane level and anti-lock effectiveness. While increasing your octane level, it simultaneously restores lost horsepower without harming your vehicle’s sensors or catalytic converters. If your car has been exhibiting knocking under acceleration or tries to keep running when turned off, this additive will help you sort all your problems out at a reasonable value. Have you been searching for an ideal octane booster for everyday use? Today is your day because Turbo is meant to be used regularly or to add at each fill-up in order to get the best results.

However, we strongly recommend you use this additive on older muscle cars meant to run on higher octane regular gas to see a significant difference in your car’s performance. Nevertheless, its super concentrated formula is safe for all gasoline engines. For only $48, you can get a pack of 12 16-oz bottles of Turbo 108 Octane Boost to really see what this product can do for your engine in a matter of weeks. Whether you’re looking for a must have for your hot rod or a booster for everyday use, the products we recommended above will provide visible results. Now all you have to do is pick one that fits your vehicle’s needs!

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