The 10 Best Paper Towels in 2017

You can use paper towels for different purposes as well as in different areas. They are needed in homes, schools, restaurants, hospitals, or wherever there is a need to wipe up a mess. You can use them wipe your hands dry or clean up a surface. Regardless whether you need them for household or commercial use, high-quality paper towels should be super absorbent. There are tons of brands out there. So to help you choose, we have narrowed it down to a list of 10 best paper towels that you can find in 2017.

1. Sparkle Paper Towels

First, on the best paper towels list is from Sparkle, a brand that aims to provide affordable paper towels that do not compromise on quality. They are a great alternative to hand towels since they are disposable and will not burn a hole in your pocket every month like other expensive brands. The two-ply paper towels are designed with thirst pockets to give you great absorbency and durability for everyday messes, especially wetter spills. Each giant roll gives you 107 sheets and coupled with the Pick-A-Size feature, you are given the versatility to tear off only what you need. This can reduce wastage. Each pack comes with 24 rolls, and you can choose to get them in the classic Just White or in a range of colors, prints, and patterns such as Spirited Prints and Hint of Color. You can also purchase up to 4 packs at a time.

2. Bounty Paper Towels

The paper towels by Bounty boasts to be able to last up to 50% longer compared to regular paper towels. This is because they feature twice the absorbency. They are designed to absorb messes quickly and efficiently so you can say goodbye to wasted time and ruined towels. Each big roll provides you with 48 full sheets, which are decorated in a fun print. This makes them perfect for when you have guests around. The pack comes with six big rolls, which is equivalent to eight regular rolls. Do note that an assortment of sizes and prints are also available. You can also get ones that allow you to pick the size of the sheet according to the mess that needs to be cleaned up. If you want something specially made for the dinner table, you can also consider the Bounty Quilted Napkins.

3. VIVA Choose-A-Sheet Paper Towels

VIVA paper towels clean like a cloth would. Despite being really soft to the touch, they boast strength and durability. When in contact with wet spills, these paper towels will remain intact instead of ripping up or tearing; it is great for kitchen and bathroom cleanups. It also works well on dry messes. Along with the Choose-A-Sheet option, you can expect more sheets from every roll compared to other regular rolls as you can select the size for different sizes of a mess. As each sheet has a smooth texture, you can even use it to polish china, clean interior of the microwave, or any delicate surfaces. It is so soft you can use it to wipe up dirty faces and hands. The single pack includes six big rolls with each roll giving you 66 separately perforated sheets for easy tear off.

4. Brawny Pick-A-Size Paper Towels

Next on the best paper towels list is from the brand Brawny. The two-ply sheets are designed to be durable and very absorbent, making these paper towels suitable to hold up to the most stubborn of messes. You will be able to handle anything from wet spills to dirt and grime as long as you have a roll of this paper towel with you. The pack comes with two XL rolls, which is equivalent to four regular rolls. Each roll boasts of providing you with 12 feet more of paper towel compared to some brands. To be precise, you get 117 sheets per roll, and with the Pick-A-Size feature, you can tear off just enough depending on the size of the mess you need to clean. This leads to less wastage, which is part of Brawny’s sustainability initiative to conserve and protect environmental resources.

5. Plenty Ultra-Premium Paper Towels

The ultra-premium paper towels by plenty have been designed for a variety of uses in an average household. Strong and durable, you can use the paper towels to scrub the toughest of messes. They also boast face-friendly softness so you can use them to wipe your face and hands, making them great to be used as napkins during meals. The paper towels can also be used to pat the vegetables dry. Best of all, you need fewer of the sheets to clean up messes because they are up to 80% more absorbent compared to other good brands. You can rest assured that each 52-sheet roll you use is environmentally friendly as plenty utilizes tree-saving technology. With each purchase, you get 24 rolls. You can also get them in a pack of up to five. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

6. Scott Towels Choose-A-Sheet

Scott aims to provide you with a product that you can count on week after week for great performance and value. Despite only using single ply, Scott compensates by cleverly incorporating ridges into the paper towels design. This gives the paper towels the ability to absorb liquids quickly and efficiently. Have them in your kitchen or bathroom for emergency spills. The multi-surface sheets are perforated for easy tear off, and with the Choose-A-Sheet feature, you can select varying sizes of sheets for cleanup of different sizes of messes. After all, who can predict how big a mess will be. After each wipe, you will find the cleaned surface is streak-free and dry. This means you can also use them for cleaning mirrors and windows. Each pack contains six rolls with 102 sheets per roll, and you purchase one or two packs of this paper towels.

7. Seventh Generation 100% Recycled Paper Towels

The seventh Generation definitely makes it to the best paper towels list with its 100% recycled product. With the purpose of saving energy, water, and trees, each roll is made with recycled paper with at least 50% from post-consumer recycled content. The two-ply sheets are not processed with fragrances and chemicals that contain chlorine and whitened naturally without dyes and inks, so you can throw them into the compost bin. The final product is white paper towels that are strong and absorbent with the ability to handle both dry and wet messes quickly. They are also hypoallergenic and safe for the skin. You will also find that each wipe is virtually lint-free. Furthermore, the half sheets that come with each roll can be adjusted for all sizes of messes. Each rolls gives you 140 sheets and the pack contains six rolls.

8. Signature Premium Multifold Paper Towels

Moving away from paper towels in rolls, the Signature brand offers you with folded all-purpose paper towel suitable for commercial use. It aims to provide a sense of indulgence to your guests, tenants, and customers. Great for cleaning and drying your hands, the thick and thirsty two-ply paper towels gives you more absorbency. With popular demand, each sheet is designed with its patented honeycomb to emboss to give you ample, luxurious softness. This pattern also adds a touch of elegance for any washroom. They look good enough to be stacked atop a beautiful platter or simply load them up into a dispenser. You will receive them in designer packaging that gives a premium feel. These paper towels have been manufactured with the low per-unit cost so if you are looking to buying in bulk, especially for large facilities, this is an affordable option.

9. Kleenex Multifold Paper Towels

Also with a multifold style, you can consider adding these premium white paper towels by Kleenex to your business’ monthly budget. Although designed with one-ply pockets, do not underestimate its drying performance. Not only are they super soft, they are also super absorbent so you do not need a few sheets to dry your hands. This is cost saving as it reduces the number refills per week and eases maintenance. Waste is also cut down. Manufactured with 50% recycled fiber and bleached only with an elemental chlorine-free process, Kleenex paper towels meet EPA minimum standards; they are also FSC and EcoLogo certified. Even the packaging it comes in is made from recyclable material. The paper towels are compatible with most universal dispensers that support folded paper towels, and with the tri-fold design, it is easy to pull out one sheet a time.

10. American Homestead Linen-Feel Guest Towels

Great for personal bathroom, corporate restrooms, events, or anywhere and anytime that requires drying, American Homestead makes it to this best paper towels list. The thick and luxurious white paper towels have been designed to provide your guests nothing but premium softness and comfort but without the hassle of maintaining hand towels. Although they look and feel like real linen thanks to the multi-ply air-laid design, they are disposable. That means you do not have to think about any laundry and dry cleaning expenses, which makes them a cost-effective option. They are affordable, too. Each sheet gives you the perfect drying space for your face and hands and has the same absorbency as regular hand towels. Furthermore, they do not tear easily even with all the liquid absorbed. Each pack comes with 200 sheets of these disposable guest towels.

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