The 5 Best (and Useful) Grill Pans For Your Kitchen

Our Rainking: 1st Place

Made in: France

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty




We really had to think long and hard before we decided on the best grill pan based on performance and investment. To say the least, there were many grill pans we tried but one truly stuck out at us as the best grill pan. It was definitely a close one.

Our favorite grill pan (if we were only to buy one in our life) is the Le Creuset L2021-264 Enameled Cast-iron Skillet Grill Pan.

This pan not only looks great and comes in different colors but it is also extremely versatile. We love the spouts for pouring out the fats, oven and boiler safe function, and crisp ridges with a liberal moat that holds the juices.

What we like about it…

  • Non-stickability – While this pan is not a traditional non-stick pan we found that some of the food sticks a little bit if oil is not used. All that is needed is just a simple rub of oil onto the surface and the pan becomes non-stick. For a cast-iron this grill pan has a great non-stick surface.
  • Heat conduction – Overall we found that the heat conducted really well around the pan. On medium heat, the pan heated up in under 5 minutes. No issues noted here. Overall the grill pan heats evenly and wonderfully takes the abuse.
  • Heat retention – Heat retention was excellent on this front. This is because the pan is made of cast iron and generally cast iron has extremely high heat capacity.
  • Drainage – The ridges are high and provides a small moat for the juices to drain into. We loved the drainage spouts on the side where we could pour out the fats and juices without much effort.
  • Weight – This pan weighs approximately 8 pounds. Although we know cast iron is quite heavy in general, we felt that this was a bit heavy for us to cook with on our induction cooktop.

What we dislike about it…

  • None! – Maybe except for the palm green color one we bought for testing. However, Le Creuset has made the grill pans available in all colors. Also, the price is more expensive than the rest of our recommendations, but, this is an investment of your money and like we said, this would be the only grill pan we’d buy for the rest of our lives!

Overall, we loved testing this pan and it has a lot of features that other grill pans don’t have such as the color selection, spouts for easy fat disposal, and the grill marks were just great.

Invest in your future and get the best grill pan money can buy today!

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