The 7 Best Supplements for Men

Consider taking: a multivitamin with vitamin B complex and vitamin D

In theory, your diet should be good enough to get all the requisite macros and micronutrients. But in the case you don’t, a multivitamin can be a great “safety net,” McCune says. “They’re relatively inexpensive for what you get.” Make sure you find a multi with a vitamin B complex, since they “help regulate the nervous system and make sure your body effectively metabolizes carbs, protein, and fat,” Bogden says.

Even if you opt not to take a multi, prioritize vitamin D supplements. “Almost every cell in the body has a receptor for vitamin D, so it plays a huge role in the nervous system, bone health, and immune function,” Bogden says. “Active guys tend to notice a positive difference in how they feel overall. Vitamin D seems to stabilize how your body functions.”

When to take: In the morning. Vitamin D may inhibit melatonin production, Bogden says, which could disrupt your sleep cycle.

Recommended amount: Any good multivitamin has a recommended daily amount. Supplements around 2,000 I.U.s are standard.

You should know: McCune recommends taking multivitamins that come in packs, rather than those that try to pack everything into a single pill. “Each of those ingredients will be more stable in its own medium,” he says.


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