The Best Cold-weather Workout Apparel for Men: December 2017

Right about this time of year it’s easy to let your regular fitness routine start to slip. The sun takes its sweet time to rise, it goes to bed before you’re out of work, and all you wanna do is nap, eat, and, uh, nap some more.

Point is: By December, a Netflix subscription starts to look a lot more enticing than a gym subscription.

But we all know winter weather is no excuse to get fat (not even during eggnog season). If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the changing weather gives you the perfect excuse to switch up your gym gear. Rocking those reflective joggers or that muscle-hugging long-sleeve shirt makes for the perfect motivation to get your ass to the gym, even when you’re stepping into the frozen darkness to get there. (And if you’re shopping for a fitness fiend besides yourself, consider this your last-minute holiday gift guide.)

Here, we present our favorite gym-ready apparel of December 2017.

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