The Best Dogs to Run With

If you’re looking for a dog you can run with, seek a canine that’s physically suited to running and is good off the leash, says trainer Nikki Moustaki, author of The Bird Market of Paris: A Memoir.

“A larger dog that’s more in proportion with your size may be able to keep up better,” she explains. “Except for some high-energy types, like rat terriers, smaller dogs aren’t usually good jogging partners.” As for breed, “I don’t recommend brachyce-phalics—smush-faced dogs, like bull-dogs and pugs—which can be athletic, but aren’t built for heavy exercise,” she says. A few she does suggest: retrievers, cattle dogs, and hunting breeds, like pointers.

You’ll also want a pooch that won’t go crazy when unleashed. “Some breeds are notoriously bad off-leash—like greyhounds,” Moustaki says, “and others are better, like Australian shepherds, some retrievers, and poodles.” Click through for the best dog breeds by group, per Moustaki.

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