The Best Fish to Buy at Your Supermarket

The fish sold in your local market can be broken down into two basic categories: Flat fish, like flounder, sole, and halibut, which have lean, white flesh and a delicate flavor, and are ideal for fish novices; and round fish, which are broken down by their relative richness. There’s oily fish—dinner-party staples like salmon, trout, and mackerel, which have sharper tastes that fish connoisseurs love—and leaner white fish, like sea bass, cod, snapper, haddock, and tilapia, which are milder and more versatile.

Taking into consideration taste, health benefits, and price, which fish lend themselves to the most idiotproof cooking?

“As delicious as expensive fish like tuna, swordfish, and halibut can be, there are always other species available that are equally delicious, and oftentimes a fraction of the price,” says Ian MacGregor, CEO of New York City’s The Lobster Place.

We asked the experts to help us find five of the healthiest fish in the supermarket that will also give you the best bang for your buck.

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