The Best Kitchen Finds in IKEA’s 2018 Catalog for $25 or Less

Good morning! While you guys were sleeping, we spent some time cozied up with IKEA’s new 2018 catalog, which doesn’t officially come out until August 2. There’s all sorts of fun stuff in it (including a collaboration between IKEA and the Danish design brand HAY and a bar stool made to match the RÅSKOG cart). Of course, there’s lots of budget-friendly kitchen gear, too. Here are our favorites.

1. UDDIG Dish Towels, $5 for two

IKEA’s dish towels are never going to be the most absorbent on the market, but they’re always cute and inexpensive, which means you can afford to load up on a bunch and use a few each day.

2. All Sorts of Stuff for Packing Lunch, from $3 each

If you’ve been meaning to pack your lunch for the office more, 2018 is your year. IKEA’s got you covered with a plastic water bottle for $3, a bento-style lunch box for $4, and a box for salad with a dressing container and pop-out utensils for $6.

3. STOCKHOLM Tealight Holder, $5 each

These little guys can be used as tealight holders, or you can flip them over and they become vases. Get a few and scatter them along a table for a fun centerpiece.

4. KLOCKREN Lids, $10 for three

Designed to work with whatever bowls you already have, these silicone lids form an airtight seal that allows you to use less plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

5. STOCKHOLM Bowl, $20

This glass bowl matches those vase-tealights we mentioned above, but it also works on its own. Fill it up with family-style pasta or a big salad and put it on the table. People will think you’ve gone fully hygge.

6. FULLTALIG, $10 for three

Speaking of centerpieces, how cute are these candlestick holders?


Use this silicone colander as a pasta strainer or steamer insert. Then, fold it flat when it’s time to store it.

8. OUMBARLIG Wok, $25

Our editor, Faith, firmly believes that every kitchen needs a wok. If you’re just starting out, try this IKEA option, which can be used on all cooktops.

9. BACKIG Dinnerware, from $2 each

All black dinnerware? Made from recycled material? Yes and yes! Sold individually (and inexpensively), you can build your perfect set for Halloween and beyond.

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