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A screenshot of the FaxZero webpage.
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If you want to send a short document for a personal matter, FaxZero is the simplest, fastest free online service that will send a high-quality fax. There’s no account to set up, it’s easy to use from a computer or smartphone, and the branded cover page is unobtrusive enough for non-professional messages.

FaxZero is the only free service we tested that exactly meets our criteria for ease of use, image quality, and commitment level. When you land at, the first screen lets you enter your sending and receiving details, attach the document you want to fax (or take a photo of your document if you’re using the site on a mobile device), optionally add text to include on the cover page, and click Send. You’ll get a verification email in your inbox seconds later—click the included link to confirm your fax, and off it goes.

A screenshot of the set up page for our pick for best online faxing service, FaxZero.
You deal with just one page to set up and send a fax with FaxZero. Screenshot: Mark Smirniotis

The price is free, though as with every free faxing service, there are some non-monetary caveats. A FaxZero logo will appear on the cover page of your fax. It is no bigger than normal for a letterhead logo, though, and unobtrusive enough that we think most people won’t mind it for personal faxes. Though the closest competitor, GotFreeFax, forgoes any sort of logo or ad, GotFreeFax also limits you to just two faxes per day, per email address, while FaxZero lets you send five. Both services limit free faxes to three pages plus a cover page.

FaxZero requires no commitment, and you don’t need to set up any sort of account. The email address we provided to FaxZero when testing the service received exactly two messages per fax we sent: one with a link to confirm we wanted to send the fax, and one to notify us that our fax was sent successfully. This set FaxZero apart from all but one of the other free services we tried; for example, when we signed up for free accounts with MetroFax and FaxBurner, both sent us marketing or how-to emails—the former almost daily—until we unsubscribed.

When we compared the two most similar services, GotFreeFax and FaxZero, the biggest difference we found was the image quality of the faxes. When we sent the same PIMA/ISO chart to an online fax number set up to receive faxes at a third company, the differences were striking. The FaxZero message arrived in the underwhelming but typical resolution you’d expect from a fax. The GotFreeFax message, however, was significantly altered and rotated 90 degrees, and the dark objects on the page were replaced by mere outlines. This might not be a huge deal most of the time, but if you’re sending anything other than text, it could present a problem. Because we wanted to find a reliable, go-to service for the most people, this image error alone would have been enough for us to choose FaxZero over GotFreeFax.

Though it didn’t factor into our decision, we like that FaxZero makes it incredibly easy to fax government officials in the US for free. Dedicated Web pages for the House of Representatives, the Senate, and US governors let you select your representative to have his or her information prefilled on the sending screen. It’s not the only service of its kind ( is a thing, after all), and the effectiveness of faxes on lawmakers can vary by office, but for anyone who can’t reach out to a representative by phone, or finds a full voicemail box, it can be a great alternative to email. And of the services that offer free, general-use online faxing, FaxZero was the only one to obviously advertise such a handy tool.

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