The gentleman's guide to backcountry camping and trekking

Adam Bible



Few of us grew up in the outdoors doing all of the cool stuff plastered over Instagram these days—climbing, camping, canyoneering, canoeing—but the thought of going on adventure in the wilderness is a strong urge for some.

Unfortunately, a lot of newbie nature-lovers struggle with simply getting started. Should I learn any specific skill before hitting the backcountry? What should I wear? How do you stay dry? Am I going to get eaten by a wild animal? With all those questions adding up, it’s no surprise some people don’t even get past lacing up their new boots.


But by following some simple tips and learning a few new things, you can breach any nervousness and create new memories in the outdoors. If you’re a budding outdoorsman who wants to head out for a one-night excursion in the woods to test your mettle, or ramp it up and attempt a 50-mile backpacking trip in the nearest mountain range, these are the basics you need to know before cutting off civilization.


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