The Obvious Storage Space You’re Not Using

When you’ve got a small kitchen, let no surface go unused! Turns out, there’s one spot a lot of us don’t even think of for storage: the sides of our cabinets! With clever installation of bars, hooks, racks, nails, and more, you can turn that hiding-in-plain-sight spot into a real space-save.

Here are nine ways to use the sides of your cabinets.

1. Store your utensils.

In Rachel Yacaparo and Brian Willard’s Chicago home, they used hooks hung from a towel rack to line up their utensils and keep them within reach.

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2. Hang pots and pans.

Similarly, Janette, the blogger behind The 2 Seasons, used a towel rack to hang her copper pot collection (the only downfall is that you have to keep the bottoms really, really clean!).

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3. Corral dish towels and paper goods.

These country-style write baskets, featured on Golden Boys & Me, keep dish towels, lunch bags, and paper plates nearby and at the ready.

Get more ideas: Wire Baskets at Golden Boys & More

4. Stash spices.

Steph of Saltbush Avenue realized that all she needed was a narrow picture ledge (from IKEA, of course) in order to create just enough space for a row of spices right by her stovetop.

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5. Stash wine.

It has to go somewhere, right? Copy Beth of Between 3 Sisters and mount a rack to the side of the cabinet to get your collection of vino perfectly organized.

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6. Hold food magazines.

Keep your favorite recipes right on hand with a dentist’s office-style rack on the side of your cabinets. Jennifer from White Tulip Designs has the instructions.

Learn how to do it: Wasted Spaces at White Tulip Designs

7. Grow herbs.

Yes, these are fake plants, featured on House of Hepworths, but you can steal the idea and hang little potted plants near a window for an easy herb garden.

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8. Store your cutting boards.

They’re awkward to store in cabinets, so why not store them on the sides of your cabinets? This adorable kitchen from Homelife proves it’s totally possible — and super cute.

Tour the space: Woodside Home at Homelife

9. Hang shelves.

If you have the space (and super-sturdy cabinets), consider hanging larger shelves on the sides of them. Then, you can load the shelves up with books and dishes.

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Do you use the sides of your cabinets? What for?

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