The Oktoberfest Beer Case Workout to Build Total-body Muscle and Crush Stein-hoisting Competition

Aside from the crisp weather perfect for long-distance runs or a last-minute weekend road trip with your buddies, there’s no question that one of the best parts of fall is Oktoberfest—and the delicious, seasonal brews that come with it.

The only downside? The beer belly you’re likely to develop if you don’t keep up with your workout routine.

But with some help from Samuel Adams, we’ve found a solution that’ll help you crush Oktoberfest without wrecking your fitness: a five-move circuit using the beer cases you (probably) already have stocked in your fridge.

Bonus: This 30-minute session will get you ready for Sam Adams’ annual Stein Hoisting competition, where you can battle to hold a one-liter glass stein (filled with beer, duh) longer than any other dude in the competition. One guy you’ll have to one-up? Pro trainer Gideon Akande, who demonstrates the Oktoberfest workout here. Take a spin through this gallery to see all five of the sudsy exercises—and enjoy.

The 2017 Samual Adams National Stein Hoisting Finals will take place in Boston on October 27. Find a local stein hoisting competition in your city with Sam Adams’ event search.

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