These Are the Most Popular Talenti Ice Cream Flavors

Just in time for National Ice Cream Day (yes, it’s today!), Talenti let us in on a little secret regarding the best-selling gelato flavors from their utterly delicious brand. You would think that flavors like Tahitian Vanilla Bean or even Double Dark Chocolate would be up at the very top because those are classics, right? But it turns out that they didn’t even make the top five.

Here are the most popular Talenti flavors right now — have you tried any of them?

(Image credit: Talenti)

1. Caramel Cookie Crunch

This caramel cookie crunch flavor is the best-selling flavor from Talenti. It’s chocolate cookies mixed into a sweet cream gelato, with swirls of dulce de leche. It kind of bridges the gap between a couple of classic ice cream flavors and will probably satisfy just about anyone.

(Image credit: Talenti)

2. Mediterranean Mint

I’m not shocked at all to see Mediterranean Mint up in the top five. I even think this might have been the flavor that introduced me to Talenti. This flavor is made with fresh mint and flecks of bittersweet chocolate. Fun fact! It’s also Rainbow Rowell’s favorite pint of ice cream.

(Image credit: Talenti)

3. Sicilian Pistachio

I don’t think pistachio is a flavor you’d find on most ice cream brand’s top-selling flavors list. A lot of pistachio ice cream and gelato is decidedly not good — Talenti is an exception to this. This flavor uses roasted pistachios and blends it with pistachio butter to get a super rich-tasting gelato.

(Image credit: Talenti)

4. Sea Salt Caramel

Who doesn’t like sea salt caramel ice cream? Monsters, that’s who. This trendy flavor is made with an “Argentine caramel base that’s filled with chocolaty sea salt caramels.”

(Image credit: Talenti)

5. Southern Butter Pecan

In a Talenti gelato taste test, a writer for Kitchn ranked this the least delicious gelato flavor from the brand. So, yes, I was surprised to find this flavor on the best-selling list! Perhaps we need to give it another try. It’s mad with butter-roasted pecans and dulce de leche swirls.

What’s your favorite flavor from Talenti? Let us know in the comments!

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