Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

If you see discoloration, puffiness or hollows under your eyes, your long-term resolution is a dietary and lifestyle upgrade. Ignore the slick ads for injectable fillers and topical treatments. Such cosmetic “fixes” fail to address the root cause and, therefore, cannot deliver long-term results.

Many people—even adolescents—succumb to the con that deep tear troughs are a genetic deformity and opt for invasive treatments. Don’t let yourself be hoodwinked. In my face reading practice, I’ve seen painful photos of clients suffering with disfiguring filler results and I’ve heard their laments.

It’s true that inherited characteristics like bone structure can figure into under-eye hollows. It’s also true that skin loses tone and elasticity as it ages. But as you’ll see in the photo of identical twins below, epigenetics count more than genetics. Epigenetics means that it’s primarily your diet and lifestyle that will determine the degree to which a genetic proclivity manifests, if at all. The beauty ads don’t tell us that under-eye irregularities most commonly announce the need to upgrade diet and lifestyle.

When we’re at our best, our faces beam out our vitality and core essence. Our natural beauty shines through unhindered. When our diet or lifestyle is off kilter, our faces reflect just that—even through the makeup. Below, I’ll show you what to look for in your own face along with some clues for building your innate beauty.

Facial Clues Correlate to Specific Inner Organs

Correlates of Under Eye Problems

From Chinese Face Reading we learn that facial indicators correlate with specific internal organ systems, and it provides steps for resolving them. The three zones directly under the eye relate, in descending order, to digestive, kidney and colon functions.



Example of Three Distinct Under-Eye Zones

This client’s three under-eye indicators are more pronounced on her left side, suggesting that overall her left side is more compromised. She has digestive inflammation, as indicated by the puffy pink skin at the level of her lower eyelashes. Moving down, we see a puffy (but not pink) kidney region, suggesting there’s undue stress to that organ system. The under-eye hollows resting on her cheekbones reflect colon issues. Her primary issues were food sensitivities and fatigue.

Under Eye Discoloration, Puffiness and Hollows






Primary Cause of Under-Eye Problems

Now, as I promised, we’ll see that under-eye problems including discoloration, bags and hollows are more than genetic. This is empowering! It plucks you out of helplessness and puts you in the driver’s seat to proactively build and maintain your inner glow.

Twins with Under Eye Facial Indicators
Identical Twins: Trent and Zach

From the first glance of these identical twins—we’ll call them Trent and Zach—we appreciate their warm and open faces. It appears that Zach’s left eyebrow is scarred, but the two obviously share the same genes. Now let’s look deeper. We see they both have dark discoloration around their eyes, but Trent’s is more pronounced. Also the skin near is his lower eyelashes is more pink (this is subtle—you might enlarge your screen for a better analysis), and he has eye bags and hollows (deep tear troughs).

Under Eye Puffiness
Under Eye Discoloration

In addition to under-eye skin color, the twins’ eye whites appear below their irises. This suggests compromised kidney energy (see related blog: sanpaku). These indicators imply that perhaps there’s too much partying, coffee, stress and/or not enough sleep. I’d urge them both to modify their lifestyles accordingly and to favor a sustainable diet so as to rebuild their core vitality.

Now flash forward several decades and imagine that Zach rallied but Trent squandered his energy. The odds are that, of the two, Trent’s eye hollows will more rapidly deepen and darken. To see how quickly a good diet upgrades our appearance, see the multiple Before and After photos on my blog.

What Does Your Under Eye Region Reveal?

Now it’s your turn. Take a selfie, enlarge it, and make an assessment. If you have under-eye indicators, note which zone they’re in. Then adjust your diet and lifestyle to remedy your specific imbalances. To effectively do so, see my numerous Face Reading Blogs and/or my ebook, Read Your Face. For personal help, I can create a Face Reading Report for you.

Thank you: To my client who kindly granted permission to use her photo. To the twins, thank you for making your photos public. On the chance I’ve caused offense, I ask your pardon. I aspire that this mini-face reading might be beneficial to all.

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