Valentine’s Day Grooming Guide for Men: Skin, Hair, Scent

So it’s finally Valentine’s Day, and you finally asked out that person you’ve been thinking about for weeks.

Now that you’re standing there with your crush in front of you—and we’re not talking about their Instagram—you want to make an unforgettable and positive impression.

That means you need to engage the other four senses. Sure, your Tinder photos are majorly right-swipe-able, but what does your skin feel like? And how do you smell? When it comes to grooming we’d like you to take a guilty-until-proven-innocent kind of approach.

So before you rendezvous at the trendiest bar in town (that’s the one with the most candles and/or Edison bulbs), get your grooming routine in order. Ask yourself: Do I look, feel, smell, and taste (yes, taste) good? Here’s a guide to help you say yes to all of the above.

Have fun. Bring gum. Good luck.

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