Vegetable and Cheese Tart Recipe

In our family, vegetable tarts are preferred by everyone and this is why I often prepare them.

vegetable Tart with Cheese

For this tart, I used a magazine with recipes as a source of inspiration.

For preparing this tart, here are the ingredients that I used: broccoli, frozen peas, green onion, cherry tomatoes, cow cheese, eggs, milk, and sour cream.

If you want, you can replace the sour cream with yogurt or milk. I season the tart with pepper. And if you prefer, you can also add other spices.

Of course, the proportions may vary, but below you have the quantities that I used for this recipe.

Recipe details

Preparation time: 15 + 30 minutes (dough lasts in the refrigerator for 30 minutes)
Cooking time: 45 minutes
Total time: 90 minutes

Servings: 6


For the Dough:

– 200g flour
– 100g butter
– salt
– 60 ml warm water

Vegetable Tart with Cheese

For the filling:

– 10 bunches of broccoli
– 150g frozen peas
– a green onion bunch
– 6 cherry tomatoes
– 250g cow cheese
– 3 eggs
– 100 ml milk
– 100 ml fat sour cream
– salt
– pepper

For Serving:

– a lemon (optional)
– green olives
– dill

Necessary kitchen utensils

– one spoon
– stainless steel grater
– a small bowl (for preparing the dough)
– a baking tray
– electric oven
– a fork (to poke the dough)
– pastry cutter (for the dough surplus)
– sieve to drain water from cooked vegetables
– a mixing bowl for eggs

Step 1. Preparing the dough

In a bowl, mix the flour with the salt, add the soft butter until you get a sandy texture, and then pour the water. Knead the dough until it gets a friable texture.

Step 2. Preparing the mixture

Broccoli and frozen peas are boiled for 5 minutes. And then drain them well.

Slice the green onion.

Beat the eggs with salt, pepper, sour cream and milk.

Wash the cherry tomatoes, wipe dry and cut them in half.

Vegetarian Tart with Cheese

Step 3. Preparing the tart

Gently roll the dough on the work surface that is sprinkled with flour and place it on a greased baking tray. And poke the dough all over with the fork.

Add the cow cheese (keep some cheese to sprinkle over the vegetables), the drained broccoli and peas, chopped green onion and sprinkle the remaining cheese.

Step 4. Baking the tart

Add the beaten eggs over the vegetables, then place the cherry tomatoes cut in half.

Trim off any excess dough with a pastry cutter.

Place the baking tray into the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 40-45 minutes until the tart is golden brown.

Vegetable Tart with Cheese

Step 5. Serving

Let the tart cool down a little and serve it with dill and green olives.

Vegetable Tart with Cream

Roasted vegetable tart with goats cheese

If you love vegetable tarts and want to prepare something easy puff-pastry that can work perfectly as a quick supper with any seasonal vegetables, take your time to learn the recipe of a roasted vegetable tart with goats cheese.

It is a delicious tart and you need only courgette, fennel, garlic, cherry tomatoes, ready-rolled puff pastry, eggs, soft goats’ cheese, fresh thyme, olive oil, salt and black pepper.

If you prefer, you can also add beetroot. As long as you use sheets of ready-rolled puff pastry, you can forget about kneading and preparing the dough.

For those who are going to add beetroot in their tart, they should know that this vegetable must be roasted in the oven once it is covered with a mixture of salt and egg whites.

You have to bake the beetroot for one hour and once cooked, you need to remove the salt crust, peel the beetroot, slice it and set it aside.

The rest of vegetables (sliced courgette and fennel, and garlic cloves) have to be roasted in the oven for 20 minutes: drizzle over the olive oil, add thyme and let the vegetables go tender.

While the vegetables cool slightly, you can prepare the ready-rolled sheet of puff pastry: brush it with beaten egg, add the roasted vegetables, beetroot, and cherry tomatoes and spread goats’ cheese. Season with salt and pepper and bake until the pastry is crisp.

French Vegetable Tart

A French vegetable tart is so easy to prepare: it is just a puff pastry base topped with tomato, aubergine, pepper, courgette and other preferred vegetables.

In case you want to prepare such a dish, make sure you have puff pastry, red and yellow peppers, courgette, aubergine, tinned peeled tomatoes, red onion, thyme and rosemary sprigs, olive oil, garlic cloves, basil, salt, and pepper.

First, you have to prepare the vegetables: cut diced the peppers, aubergines and courgettes, chop the onion, garlic and the leaves of thyme and rosemary.

In a pan with olive oil, let the onion soften, add the aubergines and peppers and after 2 minutes, the herbs and garlic. If the aubergines have softened, tomatoes and a small amount of water can be added.

Then, you can add the courgettes and let the mixture cook for 5 minutes. At the end, season with salt and pepper and let the tart mix cool down.

Once you have rolled the pastry and placed on a baking sheet, bake it covered with a second sheet of baking parchment to prevent from rising.

Your cooked pastry must be cut to shape; and the aubergine mixture is added to the pastry bases. Serve with a sprinkling of fresh basil.

Vegetable tart for Thanksgiving

In case you want to put the vegetables front and center with a delicious tart for Thanksgiving, consider preparing such a dish. Definitely, a veggie tart can become a Thanksgiving appetizer for you and your guests.

You need puff pastry, an ingredient that saves you a lot of time; and with less effort, you can have an appetizer totally vegetarian.

For such a tart, you need a package of frozen puff pastry, vegan cheese, tomatoes, yellow peppers, and fresh herbs of your choice.

Once you cut the pastry sheet in half and place it on baking sheets, you can scatter cheese over the pastry, add the tomatoes and peppers and sprinkle over the herbs.

The tarts should be baked for 15 minutes or until the cheese is melted and the pastry is browned. After cooling down, the tarts can be cut into strips using a sharp knife or a pizza wheel and served immediately.

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